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Coronation of King Charles: rebirth & instability in the royal family

The 6th of May 2023 marks a memorable day for Britain and the Royal family – the coronation of King Charles. And whilst many might look at this date and see a normal Saturday, there’s in fact a bit more to it than that.

From an astrological perspective, this date is not only situated in the mists of Mercury Retrograde, but it is also just a day after a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – an intense whirlwind of energy. But how will this affect his reign as a monarch?

Eclipses happen a few times a year and they represent turning points in your life – huge catalysts that mark endings and beginnings. Some might even call them Full Moons on steroids. That being said, here is an explanation of the most notable transits during King Charles’ Coronation Day.

Nodal returns = rebirth &stepping up into your destiny

Firstly, we can see that his transiting North Node is on top of his natal North Node and that his transiting South Node is on top of the natal South Node. This is also called a nodal return.

Nodal returns are periods of moving forward toward your destiny, and your life’s purpose. With King Charles’ North Node in the 10th House of career, reputation, and authority, this signifies stepping up into his career responsibilities and embracing leadership opportunities, and if becoming the King of England is not the epitome of that, I don’t know what is.

Interestingly, he was born during a Taurus eclipse in his 10th House, while this Lunar Eclipse on the 5th of May is in the opposite house: his Scorpio 4th House of home, family, and roots, where his Natal Sun resides.

This screams rebirth. A period of breaking up with the past, starting a new relationship with the future, and embracing his life’s path. It looks like either an end regarding family matters or a time of revisiting his background and heritage while shifting his focus on his new role as King.

King Charles is also a Leo rising, which means that the planetary ruler of his birth chart is the Sun. This makes Eclipses to be even more significant to his life.

A tumultuous road ahead

Whilst the presence of the Eclipse and the Nodal return makes this to be a very significant moment in King Charles’ life, there are some factors that point towards a bit of a tumultuous journey.

Firstly, we have the presence of transiting Chiron in his 10th House. This transit bring up energies of the 4th House as well and it may show that past wounds and family dynamics can hinder his career efforts. This is further emphasised by his 10th House North Node making an opposition to his natal Mercury in the 4th House.

There are fears and sensitivities regarding his social status, reputation, and public image.

With the incident in December of a man pleading guilty to throwing eggs at the King during a visit to York, his Royal Highness seems valid in his concerns.

Staying in the 10th House, the Sun conjunct Uranus transit is a signifier of excitement and freedom but also rebellion and unexpected change.

Mercury is also transiting his 10th House and whilst usually the planet of communication being here signifies positive social outcomes, during this period Mercury will be Retrograde.

The area where you have Retrograde planets shows where you need to be more confident and share the attributes given by the placement more. Mercury Retrograde is usually not a great period to start something new, sign contracts, or plan events.

This transit can bring setbacks and planning issues for the Coronation as well as the potential for negative attention.

Misunderstands and fights might arise and acting immature or irresponsibly can bring consequences. It is important to ride the wave, instead of swimming against it. The negative outcomes don’t necessarily stem from issues arriving, but the way we react to them.

Lastly, his natal Saturn is making an opposition to his transiting Saturn. This represents a very karmic moment, and how it will play out depends on whether King Charles handled his life decisions well or whether there are some Karmic lessons to be learned. In the case of building his career on mishaps, his authority can be questioned and tested, and he might be faced with resistance from the public.

The Royal Family’s long history with Eclipses

Having the coronation one day after the Eclipse is neither coincidental nor a one-off situation. In fact, there is a tight link between the Royal Family and this celestial event. Many members of the Royal family, including King Charles, Kate Middleton and Prince William were born during an eclipse or near one.

The link between the British Royals and Eclipses is not recent either, with the first notable encounter dating back as early as 1133 when a Solar Eclipse marked the death of King Henry I.

Here are some other notable events related to eclipses for the British Royal family:

  • Princess Diana & King Charles married the evening before a solar eclipse in Leo.

  • The announcement of the separation between King Charles & Princess Diana corresponded with a lunar eclipse in Gemini.

  • Meghan Markle was born within a few days of a solar eclipse in Leo.

  • Lilibeth, the daughter of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was born between two eclipses, on June 4, 2021.

  • Two days before a Cancer Lunar Eclipse, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped back as senior members of the Royal Family.

  • Edward VII and George V acceded to the throne the days before a Solar Eclipse.

  • King George VI died on the 6th of February 1952 and Princess Elizabeth immediately acceded to the throne, two days before a partial Lunar Eclipse.

These are only a few examples, but the list is endless, and it shows the power between by Lunar Eclipses and significant events.

If you’d like to know how future Eclipses will affect you, get in touch for a reading!



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