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"I have been to Lorena many times and I exclusively go to her whenever I need any astrology guidance. As someone who is pretty skilled in Astrology myself, she never fails to point out things that I don’t even notice! I always leave every reading feeling more hopeful for what’s to come, plus her readings are just so fun to watch! She feels like a friend and she works with amazing integrity at all times and truly has an intuitive gift, sometimes I’m surprised as I think she knows me better than I know myself! I highly recommend Lorena and I can say 100% you will not regret a reading with her."



"Lorena is incredibly gifted! She delivered my birth chart reading faster than light. She's able to explain many important details with clarity, and she's spot on with her redings. It has been a beautiful experience, and from time to time I rewatch my birth chart reading video to gain more insights. Definitely recommended!"



"Lorena is my go-to astrologer now I’ve had a birth chart reading and a year ahead reading from her. Both were very calming - they left me feeling validated, positive about what’s to come and able understand myself better. Highly recommend!"


"I had such a wonderful experience with Lorena. Her personalised astrology video helped me learn so much about myself. Her personality is warm and she has such a positive spin on everything. The tarot reading was a nice touch!"


"Thank you Lorena for this reading - Was fun to listen to all the detail and will refer back to it in the future. Thank you also for answering my specific question as a bonus."


"Worth the money!! She’s sweet. Fast delivery and she answered my questions promptly."


"I’ve ordered two readings from Lorena recently (this and a career reading) and both were excellent. She got back to me within a day and also answered any other questions I had afterwards. I’m familiar with tarot and astrology and was impressed by her knowledge and intuition — she is the real deal and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in a reading for themselves"


"Lorena is just amazing, her reading was on point and she added everything needed for clarifying my thoughts. If you need motivation, confirmation, advice or clarification about your career do not hesitate buying this reading. You’ll receive more than asked!😊"


"Lorena was incredible! Her energy was very genuine, knowledgeable, and calming. The video was super in-depth. I had a lot of confusion about my rising sign prior to this reading, and she definitely helped clear things up. I cannot recommend booking with her enough! :)"



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