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The Astro Lorena team

We know you spend your life questioning whether your choices are right, as society nowadays is becoming more and more critical and difficult to live in authentically.

Our mission is to show what you are programmed to do, and where you most naturally thrive. But we are also realistic, as our spiritual perspective is combined with an understanding of social dynamics, current world influences and struggles.

We are here to guide you better understand yourself and others, using the imprint that Astrology has in your life.

Lorena Costin (Mitoi)
Founder | Astrologer | Team lead

Lorena is a multi-passionate creative, psychic, and certified astrologer.


An innovator and rebel at heart, she pursued a career in Software Engineering before she found her love for Astrology. She now writes code for Astrology tools, coordinates the team to deliver the highest standard of services, and works with customers through video services.

With a certification in Child Psychology and over 1000 Astrology customers, Lorena has defined her own interpretation style that focuses on the importance of healing and psychological development in childhood, as well as the power of a person to make constructive choices. She analyses charts with the goal of answering the questions "How do you thrive? Where and why do you struggle? What does your soul want?".


When she's not reading the stars, Lorena performs in a Romanian folk-metal band named An Theos.


Andreea Putinelu

Andreea is a Digital PR Lead with a passion for Astrology and gaming. When she’s not writing Press Releases or Astrology Analyses, she can be found on her Stardew Valley farm, making sure her crops stay alive, while her real-life plants watch in despair.

Originally from Romania, she’s been living in the UK since her graduation from Westminster University, where she studied PR and Advertising.
She enjoys listening to crime podcasts, often doing so while working out or cleaning. She loves and hates traveling, because on one hand it allows her to explore the world and see her loved ones, while on the other hand, it stops her from having a cat.

Jessica Young

Jessica is a psychology student, artist, and astrologer. She is a passionate learner - studying how people think, their motivations, and their subconscious is a big passion of hers. She chose to pursue studies in the Psychology field, and she was inspired by her love for Astrology since youth. She loves to find connection between the two fields, as she empathically connects with those around her.

Being born with the ability to feel energy beyond the visible world, Jessica connects with people on a deeper level, using both her Astrology analysis and intuitive abilities. She particularly practices Astrology for self-understanding and healing.

When she's not working, she spends time doing Yoga, meditating, and creating art. An explorer at heart, she is either travelling right now or thinking of the next place she can see.

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Lorena is a certified Astrologer in Romania, with education in the Psychology and Child psychology field.


The Astro Lorena team is personally trained and managed by her.

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