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Become a Certified Astrologer

Learn everything you need to work as a professional.

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Presented by Lorena Costin,
Founder & CEO at Astro Lorena.

With the experience of working with over 1.500 happy customers behind her back, Lorena is reputable for her ability to direct people to their purpose using Astrology. With a secondary focus on childhood development and psychology, Lorena teaches Astrology from a Soul and Psychological evolution perspective.

What you get:

You will learn about:

   ✔ Personal Astrology -

       Learn to read a Birth Chart like a professional

   ✔ Predictive Astrology -

       Learn how to make predictions for yourself and your customers

   ✔ Vocational Astrology -

       Find the chart's secrets to making money and building the right career.

   ✔ Relational Astrology -

       Find the compatibility between romantic and platonic partners.

   ✔ Family Astrology -

       [Exclusive] Learn about family dinamics and children's charts.

   ✔ How to set up and grow an Astrology business

       Skip the endless research. Learn everything here. 


    + much more.

Learn at your own pace

The online platform allows you to view videos, text content and complete exercises in your own time. When you come back, pick up wherever you left off!

There are over 17 hours worth of video content for you to learn from, plus written material and exercises.

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This is an investment in yourself. Professionally and personally.

✅ Learn the basic and advanced details of Astrology in a structured way. No more messy learning!
✅ Overcome confusion from your own life challenges by knowing your own energy imprint.

✅ Learn the realistic impact of Astrology and its connection with Psychology. Help those around you with applicable and helpful guidance.
✅ Overcome the darkness of building an Astrology business with real-life advice from a spiritual business owner.

Degrees containing this level of knowledge usually charge up to €5.000.

Instead, you will get this all for a one-time investment of €395.

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0. Introduction

Getting started. An overview of Astrology’s history and resources required to complete the Academy. 

🎥 Welcome (1:22)

 🖹  History of Astrology

 🖹  Resources

1. Reading the Birth Chart

A deep dive into each planetary placement, zodiac sign, and house meaning. Offers the knowledge required for a base birth chart reading and to build up on more complex interpretation styles.

🎥 Birth chart overview (18:26)

🎥 The planets (46:00)

🎥 The zodiac signs (41:35)

🎥 The houses (9:38)

🎥 1st House (29:47)

🎥 2nd House (22:35)

🎥 3rd House (19:27)

🎥 4th House (24:53)

🎥 5th House (29:03)

🎥 6th House (23:05)

🎥 7th House (22:03)

🎥 8th House (24:28)

🎥 9th House (16:27)

🎥 10th House (32:45)

🎥 11th House (18:17)

🎥 12th House (19:48)

🎥 The Aspects (43:51)

 🖹  Planet Receptions

 🖹  House Rulerships

🎥 Chiron (34:58)

🎥 Black Moon Lilith (16:56)

 🖹  Part of Fortune

 🖹  Exercises

 🖹  Solutions

2. Soul Purpose and Mental Health

Offers a soul and psychological perspective to the birth chart. With this knowledge, the Astrologer can add meaningful interpretations to their readings.

 🖹  Introduction

🎥 Soul Purpose - the Lunar Nodes (40:07)

 🖹  Karma in the chart

🎥 Mental Health indicators (21:40)

 🖹  Exercises

 🖹  Solutions

3. Vocational Astrology

Offers knowledge on the interpretation style for vocational & financial readings.

 🖹  Introduction

🎥 10th House (part 1) (23:14)

🎥 10th House (part 2) (31:16)

🎥 Money in Astrology (35:08)

🎥 The 6th House (7:25)

🎥 Sample Reading (18:20)

 🖹  Exercises

 🖹  Solutions

4. Physical Wellbeing

Learn about the physical wellbeing indicators in the birth chart.

 🖹  Introduction

🎥 Indicators and guidance for maintaining good health (14:14)

 🖹  Exercises

 🖹  Solutions

5. Home and Family

In this module, the Astrologer learns how the client relates to their family of origin and roots, as well as any significant karma/inheritance received from them.

 🖹  Introduction

🎥 Family of origin (25:07)

🎥 Family inheritance (11:58)

🎥 Own family and children (8:55)

 🖹  Exercises

6. Sample Birth Chart Reading - Practice time

The essentials for an adult’s birth chart reading have been covered by this point – this module brings forward the opportunity to practice writing a customer’s reading.

 🖹  Introduction

 🖹  Reading 1

 🖹  Reading 2

7. Relationship Astrology

This module covers the Astrological relationship between two people, romantic or platonic. The interpretations are formed through the analysis of their individual charts, synastry, and composite chart.

 🖹  Introduction

🎥 Compatibility between 2 charts (20:51)

🎥 Synastry Chart (44:42)

🎥 Composite Chart (10:04)

8. Children Astrology - Astrology for parents

This module covers the particular use case of birth chart reading for customers' children. It goes through psychological aspects and how they are reflected in the chart, as well as interpretation styles that leave the parent empowered with useful knowledge.

 🖹  Introduction

🎥 Connection between Astrology and Psychology in Childhood development (40:39)

 🖹  What to look for

 🖹  Studying with Mercury

🎥 Example reading (16:08)

 🖹  Exercises

9. Predictive Astrology

In this module, the student learns the relevant interpretation techniques for making future predictions.

 🖹  Introduction

🎥 Transit Chart (31:19)

🎥 Progressed Chart (12:51)

🎥 Age Point (3:39)

🎥 Profections (6:41)

🎥 Solar Return (11:19)

10. Ethics in Astrology

An essential module that covers best practices and ethics when dealing with customers and their personal data.

 🖹  A word on ethical Astrology

 🖹  Rules to follow

11. Working with Clients

A practical run through the most common customer use cases. The student gets to analyse the question and make interpretations in their own time, then check their answers. There is also a section that covers ways to setup an Astrology business with personal insights from Lorena.

 🖹  Introduction

 🖹  Scenario 1: First Astrology Reading

🎥 Scenario 1: Solution (33:44)

 🖹  Scenario 2: Why am I struggling with...?

🎥 Scenario 2: Solution (18:57)

 🖹  Scenario 3: Why is this currently happening?

🎥 Scenario 3: Solution (15:15)

 🖹  Scenario 4: What's coming up in the next few months?

🎥 Scenario 4: Solution (11:36)

 🖹  Scenario 5: Are we compatible?

🎥 Scenario 5: Solution (25:10)

 🖹  Scenario 6: New parent requests first child reading

🎥 Scenario 6: Solution (18:25)

🎥 How to set up an Astrology business (18:45)

12. Final words and Exam

🎥 Thank you! (1:05)

 🖹  Written Exam

Here's what other students are saying:


"If you want to have a better understanding of Astrology and Birth Charts, do not hesitate to purchase this course! Lorena is such a sweet soul and an excellent teacher. She is enjoyable to follow along with and she does a wonderful job explaining the in's and out's of reading charts. I feel like I am on my way to becoming an expert myself. Soo sooo happy with this product!"


"[...]The videos are very helpful for anyone who is starting to explore astrology. The pdf files are helpful and a great addition to learning the content. Highly recommended!"


"Hey Lorena! Thank you for the amazing course and all the lessons you’ve thought me! It’s been honestly a blast and something I looked forward to every week. Thank you for giving me both the knowledge and confidence to be able to read charts on my own (and I really appreciate you always being there when I had questions). You made everything so easy to understand, and not only that, but your positive attitude and personality made it all so enjoyable. I wish I had you as my maths teacher too, I would’ve actually liked the subject then ❤️"

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