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Video Readings

Watch your Astrology and Psychic analyses in a personalised video you get straight to your email.

Written Readings

Get your top Astrology and Psychic insights through written materials.

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Terms & Conditions of purchase

All readings are delivered online through email. Whether they are in written or video form, they are stored in our local storage for 30 days and they can be re-sent at any point during this window. The customer agrees to download the files during this period of time to their own device to avoid losing the readings.

All our services are meant for entertainment purposes only and do not mean to substitute psychological, medical, relational, or any other form of specialised help.

All our readings are aimed at customers aged 18+, unless acquired or approved by in writing by a parent or legal tutor.

Once delivered, the readings are non-refundable as they require particularisation and the work has been completed. However, if by any change you are dissatisfied with your order or a mistake has been made, contact us as an we will swiftly resolve your issue.

Astro Lorena SRL or any of its partners do not assume responsibility for any actions initiated by its customers in possible connection to the readings or services acquired. The customer recognizes our services are for entertainment purposes only and that they are in full responsibility of their actions and decisions.

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