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A Time of Independence - The Aries / Libra Axis

On July 17th did you start feeling a shift in energy? The reason for this would be because the North and South Nodes shifted from the Taurus / Scorpio axis to the Aries / Libra axis.

Over the past few years the energy that was universally felt from January 2022 to mid-July of this year was centered around the energy presented by Taurus and Scorpio. This energy was full of love, relationships with others, growth in emotional intelligence, and learning how to embrace Scorpio’s ability to transform. As well as understanding the cycle of loss and rebirth.

This recently new axis of Aries / Libra brings in this energy that is full of independence. The North Node in Aries makes you very in tune with your own drive and appreciate having a solo journey. This is a time that envelopes not focusing on giving to others but focusing on what would be best for you instead. Forget about other people’s expectations and forge your own path. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t value other relationships or avoid leaning on others, it’s just important to find the answers within yourself before counseling with those around you. Embrace having courage in yourself, along with the natural masculine energy that comes with Aries. This North Node also teach us the full importance of having self-respect and seeing how that makes your life flourish as your on a path that is aligned with your own energy.

With Libra as the South Node, this shows that we are supported by learning from past relationships and are letting go of the need and want for codependency. It’s about no longer just keeping peace at the expense of not vocalizing what you need. At the moment, you’ll also find that you’ll be more focused on making sure there’s mutual respect in a relationship and not pouring your cup out until there’s nothing left in yours.

See how the transit plays out below:

North Node in 1st House

If the North Node in Aries is transiting your 1st House, you may find that this is a time when you're choosing yourselves more as this is your purpose right now. Embrace being independent and assertive. Avoid people pleasing! Now is the time to find a balance between how much you're giving to others and how much you're giving to yourself. You are the leader of your life, not anyone else.

North Node in 2nd House

With the North Node being in the 2nd House, this is when you might find that you're being more assertive when it comes to what you want, the stability that you're craving, and your own self-worth. Nobody else can define your worth or tell you what you should be prioritizing. Now is the time to put trust in yourself when it comes to finances, and being independent.

North Node in 3rd House

Being in the 3rd House, the North Node here shows that now is the time to push yourself to use your mind! Write, focus on your communication, and share your beliefs with those around you in your community. When you speak your mind, be confident in it! Those around you want to hear what you have to say and are thinking. This is a time about being diligent about your belief system but being open to taking in the information around you. Take the initiative to find the knowledge that you want!

North Node in 4th House

While the 4th House is all about family, the North Node here emphasizes the importance of still having your independence while taking care of those around you and in your house. If there are cracks in your home life, now is the time to face them head-on so it can be a balanced and healing environment for both you and your family. Don't lose who you are while taking care of others!

North Node in 5th House

In the 5th House, having Aries here is a time for you to take action and indulge in activities that make you feel alive! Have fun, entertain, and create during this time. This is all about self-expression and letting your inner child come out. Take more risks during this time too! Live life a little more carefree, and do what feels good for your soul. It's good to help others, but make sure your cup is staying full at the same time. When you're living in a way that allows you to truly have fun and feel free, you'll be rewarded the most.

North Node in 6th House

The 6th House can usually revolve around caring for others, but with Aries here, now is the time to focus on your own day-to-day goals and bettering yourself! Find who you are in the process. What works for you to be the best version of yourself? Take some time to figure out what you would like the best version to be. When it comes to your work life, take control of where you're going!

North Node in 7th House

Aries North Node in the 7th House teaches you that it's okay to put your own needs first, and your partner's needs second. This doesn't mean don't compromise and find a balance, but to make sure that what you want and your happiness is also a priority. Naturally, you may feel the need to take care of your partner first but now is the time to focus on yourself. This may be a time of setting boundaries within relationships as well.

North Node in 8th House

Head strong Aries is encouraging you to pursue your desires! Don't shy away from being vulnerable and taking charge of your life to own the personal power you have over it. Find purpose in topics that you feel called to. Explore topics that come up in areas like spirituality, psychology, or your own values.

North Node in 9th House

North Node in 9th House has Aries pushing you to explore. Become wise and travel to the far places you've always wanted to! This is your time to gain deep levels of knowledge, share your passions and learnings with others, and boldly follow the path that has been calling you in spirituality.

North Node in 10th House

When the North Node in Aries is in the 10th House, you are being thrown into being an authority in your own life and in your career. This is for you to realize the potential that you hold and to act on it. The faster you realize what you bring to the table, the sooner you'll be acknowledged as the authoritative figure your soul wishes to be acknowledged as.

North Node in 11th House

If Aries North Node is in your 11th House, this is your time to step into the more social being you are and to connect with those who have the same intelligence and creative abilities that you have. Surround yourself with people who better these ideas you have and make you feel more stimulated. Doing so will benefit you deeply. Not only will it push you to be a better version of yourself, but it'll encourage you to find yourself in new ways you haven't previously.

North Node in 12th House

Lastly, the North Node being in the 12th House is urging you to connect the universe. This is for you to dive deeper into your subconscious and face old wounds head-on. To truly think about what you need in your life spiritually and psychologically. After you've confronted these wounds, allow yourself the necessary time to heal and take care of yourself.


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