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Aquarius (January 20th - February 18th) The Evolved and Unevolved Traits

Hello, Aquarius alien babes! Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign that is represented by water. This sign is known as the unconventional, humanitarian-focused, unique, and innovative souls. These are often the kinds of descriptions that come to mind or that you may hear often when others talk about your zodiac. While this is all true, there’s another side to your coin! As there is with all zodiacs. When one is in a good, positive mindset, and is approaching life with a more mature lens - that’s when this description will match Aquarius more so. However, when one is feeling out of balance, not taking care of their soul needs, or behaving in a way that can be seen as less mature - that’s when you may notice more unevolved characteristics of Aquarius. These sorts of characteristics would consist of seeming more distant, not fitting in easily, or being more removed from society. Depending on where (and if) Aquarius is in your big 6* in your zodiac chart, this can show up in different ways!

The “big 6” in Astrology refers to one’s Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, or Venus placement.

Aquarius Zodiac Constellation
Aquarius Zodiac Constellation

Depending on if a native is evolved or unevolved within placements, these placements can show up in different ways other than the "standard" associations. Being evolved means that one is more grounded and "mature" in a certain area of life. While being unevolved means that one may be out of balance or have more growth to do in a certain area of life. 


The Ascendant (also referred to as one’s rising sign) is determined by the exact time that you were born. As this does change about every two hours, it’s important to have the correct, exact time! The time itself can help determine the degree of your Ascendant sign. The Ascendant is represented in your Astrology chart in your 1st House! The House of self.

Evolved: Aquarius Ascendant has always had the same vibe to me as Alice from Alice in Wonderland - so curious and so open to different ideas, ways of thinking, and living! The first instinct here is to innovate, always looking for new concepts to bring to life around them to help society. There’s a natural instinct to be friendly and connect to others. Aquarius’ uniqueness can be seen through their appearance and how they make decisions as well.

Unevolved: When not feeling quite like themselves, Aquarius Ascendants may find that they are no longer curious about life around them in the same way. If one is feeling hurt and refuses to process or address these emotions, they may be perceived as cold. Not as warm or friendly as they usually are. Another sign of being unevolved may be that they are more removed from their social life than usual. Not wanting to connect with others who share their love for the unusual or those who also love wanting to create new inventions.


The Sun in Astrology is seen as the center of everything, just as it is seen in our solar system! It represents your inner self, and can define aspirations and what you want from life. It can also be used to focus on the source of your vitality! Your Sun sign is determined by the day that you were born. 

Evolved: Aquarius Suns are seen as unique, unconventional but very friendly beings! Innovation is a big theme throughout their lives, and it brings a lot of meaning as well. There’s often a great level of being able to see different perspectives, and a courage within them to try something new!

Unevolved: The flip side can be that if unevolved, there can be a coldness or a resistance to opening up about their feelings. There’s no longer a want to try different things and put themselves out there. Instead of seeing different perspectives or approaches to life, they can become closed off and become more set in their ways as well. 


The Moon in Astrology is what can show us where we are more emotional and where our needs are. It can also provide one with what their emotional wants and powers are. Knowing this can provide more insight into ways to strengthen ourselves emotionally and know what to be mindful of for improvement! Additionally, the Moon is one of the most important aspects for children, as it shows what they need the most. The Moon is determined by the precise location of where it was in the sky when you were born.

Evolved: Aquarius as children can be very selfless and want everyone to get along. They may be more drawn to topics that are seen as very “kid-like” or “out there” such as being interested in insects, the idea of aliens or other life forms, or even small animals. However, as they age and become adults, they maintain their friendly nature and still want everyone to get along as community is very important to them. They need a community that is supportive and kind. Sensitive to their feelings, thoughts, and ideas. With age, it’s common to see them be more rational than emotional. 

Unevolved: The other side of the coin emotionally looks like someone who responds quickly to emotional triggers and doesn’t use their rational sense as much. There’s more of an energy here of how children would typically react to emotional situations. Potentially, an unevolved Aquarius Moon may begin to seek the validation of others more and not focus on their own needs. It’s important to learn how to reset boundaries and value oneself in this position. 


The planet of communication, learning, and writing - basically anything that involves how the mind works! Since Mercury is closest to the Sun, it will also be in the same sign or within one sign away from your Sun sign.

Evolved: Aquarius Mercury loves to think of unconventional ways to see things and problem-solve! The drive here is to innovate and to really think about the future - especially ways to improve life for the betterment of society as they’re so humanitarian-oriented.

Unevolved: When unevolved, this placement can be seen as insensitive/inconsiderate to others, and contrarian. Instead of going with what others want, it’s as if there’s a desire to go against the crowd verbally just for the sake of being more difficult. 


The planet of love and femininity! In one’s chart, this can show how they go about romantic relationships, and how they express/see beauty and artistry. Venus is determined by where it was in the sky when you were born. Venus is in one zodiac sign for about 30 days before moving into the next sign. 

Evolved: As Aquarius is all about friendship and connections - they want to be best friends before being in love! In relationships, it’s important for Aquarians to feel that they’re still free and independent. Usual ways of showing love (like chocolate and flowers) might not work on them! You’ll know if an Aquiarian is falling for you if they’re actively trying to bring you into their community, and opening up about their unusual passions.

Unevolved: If an Aquiarian feels they’re being controlled too much, they may find themselves in a spot of just pulling away instead of trying to vocalize and change the situation. It may also be noticeable that they have lost their interest or excitement for the relationship, and no longer spend as much time with their partner. It’s possible to also feel that they don’t want to be tied down into a relationship and much prefer to do their own thing.


Mars rules over masculinity in Astrology! This planet is all about taking action, being assertive, and one’s impulses. Similar to Venus, Mars is determined by where exactly in the sky it was when you were born. However, it usually takes about two months in a sign before it changes to the next. It also goes retrograde about every 26 months, which is why it’s important to know your exact birth time!

Evolved: Similar to previous descriptions, Aquarians bring their friendly nature into their way of taking action in their lives! This includes making decisions that are considered unconventional. They remain altruistic in their decision-making processes as well.

Unevolved: Will make decisions for the betterment of themselves and not consider others. They also may have a hard time making decisions as well (think Libra energy). Aquarians who are unevolved will not also spend the time and energy into living unconventionally, instead, they will go about mundane tasks without looking for other ways to go about it. 


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