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Best Father's Day gifts for your father-figure, according to their Sun Sign!

With Father’s Day quickly approaching many of us are franticly thinking of what gifts would be perfect for our loved ones.

Would they appreciate a sentimental gift? Are they a foody? Or fans of experiences as gifts rather than physical ones? If you want to spoil your father figure with something they would love, their zodiac sign can help you figure out what to get them.

Here are the best gift ideas to get your father based on their Sun sign! Why are we choosing to look at their Sun sign? Because this planet represents their vitality and the source of life that brings them happiness. The Sun is also the planet associated with the father figure.

Sun in Aries/ 1st House

If your father figure has the Sun in Aries there is probably a very dynamic side to their personality, and they might enjoy the thrills of life. Think about getting them an experience gift where they can express their daredevil side like skydiving or bungee jumping. Another experience gift they might enjoy would be getting them tickets to their favorite music band or sports game.

If you’d rather buy a physical gift, perhaps some athletic gear or board games might tickle their fancy. (But beware, they might get a bit competitive when playing Monopoly).

While the 1st House is ruled by Aries, it is also the house of self-identity, appearance, and personality, so a gift that would enhance their body is a great choice, such as clothes or a voucher to a great barbershop.

Sun in Taurus/2nd House

Those with their Sun in Taurus find joy in beautiful aesthetics and delicacies, as Taurus is ruled by Venus. Similarly, the 2nd House is not only the House of Taurus but also the house associated with money and luxury. If you want to make your father figure happy, consider taking them to a fancy restaurant serving their favorite food, or even cook for them if you prefer a more personal setting!

They would also enjoy high-quality items, so perhaps invest in some designer clothes or high-quality accessories like a belt or a nice watch.

Sun in Gemini/3rd House

Those with their Sun in Gemini or the 3rd House are witty, find joy in good conversations, and in expanding their knowledge. It’s good to keep in mind that Gemini also rules the throat. If you’re looking for a good experience gift, consider taking them to a wine tasting or a sommelier course. That will allow them to learn something new, engage in conversation and taste some great wines.

If your father figure is not a fan of alcohol, perhaps get them something that would enrich their intellect, like gifting them a book about a subject they’ve been interested in learning, or gifting them a course on that subject. Those with 3rd House placements also enjoy short trips, so consider gifting them a nice city break!

Sun in Cancer/ 4th House

The 4th House is the House associated with home and family and Cancers are nurturing and family-orientated. To make your father figure happy, consider cooking a nice dinner for them which you can enjoy as a family.

Handmade gifts are also a great option as they will show them your love and dedication. You get extra points if your gifts contain sentimental value!

Sun in Leo/ 5th House

Leo’s and 5th House placements are the epitome of fun and creativity. They love to shine, be center stage, feel appreciated, and laugh. Consider getting them tickets to their favorite artist or gifting them some dance lessons where they can live their dream of staring in ‘Dirty Dancing’.

As I mentioned before, Leo’s love feeling appreciated, so why not gift them a nice spa treatment as a thank you gift for having them in your life?

Sun in Virgo/ 6th House

Those with Sun in Virgo are organized and practical. Furthermore, when we think of the 6th House, we think of routine, health, and pets. Spoil your father figure with a gift that will revitalize them, such as a spa treatment or a deep tissue massage.

Gifts that will help them stay organized would also be appreciated, from nice calendars to agendas.

If they have a pet, consider gifting them something that both themselves and their furry loved ones can enjoy.

Sun in Libra/ 7th House

Both Libra and the 7th House are ruled by Venus, an energy associated with love, harmony, balance, and aesthetics. Consider getting your father figure a nice cologne, that will enrich their senses and confidence. If you’re buying a physical gift, take the extra step of ensuring it’s nicely wrapped, a Libra appreciates small details.

If you’re planning an experience type of gift, make sure the place you choose is aesthetic, whether it’s a beautiful restaurant or a nice picnic with a memorable view.

Sun in Scorpio/ 8th House

The Scorpionic and 8th House energies are some of intensity, depth, and moral values. If you want to impress your father figure, you can do so with a nicely written card where you can express your emotions and feelings for them.

If they’re a music fan you can put together a playlist of their favorite songs or songs that are meaningful to them in one way or another. They will appreciate a gift that shows them you are aware of their passions, so keep that in mind.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s sentimental and unique.

Sun in Sagittarius/ 9th House

When we think of Sagittarius or the 9th House we think of long-distance travel, adventure, and intellect. Something travel-related, whether it’s actual plane tickets or a scrapbook of all the locations they travelled to, are great gift ideas to stimulate their adventurer side.

Furthermore, certain books or courses that will broaden their knowledge are also great gift ideas for a Sagittarius father figure.

Those born with the Sun under this fiery sign will not say no to a fun experience, so perhaps consider something like an Escape Room, an activity where they can use their intellect to escape while having a blast.

Sun in Capricorn/ 10th House

If your father figure has their Sun in Capricorn or the 10th House, they are most likely career-focused, have an energy of authority to them, and value their good reputation. Feeling appreciated for their hard work is very important to them. So, something as simple as a thank you card will touch their heart.

They are serious and appreciate practicality, so similarly to Virgo, they will also enjoy gifts they can use in their day-to-day lives.

Sun in Aquarius/ 11th House

For those with their Sun in Aquarius or the 11th House, networking and friends and a big part of their lives, as well as their hopes and aspirations. With that in mind, your father figure will enjoy a gift that allows them to connect with those around him, so maybe organize an activity and make sure to invite all of his close friends!

Sun in Pisces/ 12th House

Both Pisces and 12th House placements are intuitive, spiritual, and reflective. If they love reading, a self-help book would help them understand their thoughts and emotions. A trip to the seaside will also help them recharge and relax as the water is a great cleanser!


While the Sun shows a person’s vitality and core of inner self, that is only a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to someone’s Birth Chart. If you’d like to take a deeper dive in your chart (or the chart of someone you love), you can check out our Birth Chart Reading service below.



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