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Exploring Barbie's Birth Chart and Astrological Secrets

If Barbie was a real person, what would she be like? The recent Barbie premiere took the world by storm, with its messages of feminism and the existential difficulties of gender norms resonating with many people. But apart from a doll, who is truly Barbara Millicent Roberts (aka Barbie)? Below we will take a dive into the astrology of Barbie (as if she was a real person), and the qualities that made her iconic.

Barbie Margo Robie

An article from the New York Times released on 9 March 1959 states “Today 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM - Variety Toy & Novelty Merchandise Fair, NY Trade Show Bldg, 8th Ave at 35th St." Therefore, Astro Databank concluded that Barbie’s time of birth is 10:00 am, on the 9th of March 1959. Below we can see her birth chart:

Barbie Birth Chart

Gemini Rising – A social queen

In Barbie’s birth chart analysis, we can see that her Ascendant falls in the air sign of Gemini. This means that her first instinct is to rationalize and communicate. She is verbose and lively, the type of social butterfly who can take over a conversation with her enthusiasm.

Close to her Ascendant in the 1st house, we can also see Mars, the planet of assertion and action. If she was a real person, this placement would give her the ability to have an assertive approach to life and a lot of rapidity in taking action. Although in the movie Barbie took some convincing to go to the real world and close the portal, astrology-accurate Barbie would have taken those Birkenstocks with no hesitation! In fact, her Gemini Mars would have fuelled her with the passion to travel! People with this placement are passionate multi-taskers that learn by communicating with others. However, it could also bring some indecisiveness and scattiness, which could explain why she wasn’t sure in the beginning whether she really wanted to save herself from getting cellulite or not.

Busy 11th house – emphasis on networking, friendship, groups, and idealism

From the original Barbie to lawyer Barbie, or even President Barbie, Barbieland was built on the idea of networking, friendship, and community. This comes as no surprise when we see how active her 11th house is!

Firstly, Barbie has her Moon in Pisces and the 11th house. If she was a real person, her emotional need would be to be a part of a group with a common goal. Whether that goal is to be having fun in Barbieland or learning to exist in the real world. 11th house Moons are also very friendly and nurturing towards their friends.

Pisces Moons are very compassionate, have sensitive hearts, and are aware of other people’s needs. In fact, Barbie was the first (and only one) to take Ken to the hospital when he hurt his arm(but mostly his ego) surfing.

If we look at Barbie as a brand, the Moon represents the people working for that brand. In that case, with the Pisces Moon in the 11th house we can see a group of people working passionately towards the same goal: keeping Barbie the number 1 icon in the doll industry, while also caring about the little children around the world who look up to her.

Barbie’s Sun is also in Pisces and the 11th House, conjunct with the Moon. The way she shines is also the way through which she soothes herself emotionally, by forming a community and having friendly interactions with people!

Pisces Suns are also dreamy, intuitive, and naturally in tune with the energy of universal love. They can also get hurt easily when there are conflicts, which shows why the unexpected reality of… the real world, as well as Ken's behavior when she got back to Barbieland, took an emotional toll on Barbie.

Next, we can see Barbie’s Mercury is also in the 11th house but in the fiery sign on Aries. Mercury is the planet of communication, and with it in the 11th house, shows that real life Barbie is open-minded, and she thinks about the well-being of others and the society. She is altruistic with an influential nature and others seek and listen to her advice.

When it comes to her Aries Mercury, this shows that she’s quick-minded, and might like to speak before others finish their sentence.

If we look at Barbie as a brand, Mercury represents the media and the communication made about the brand in the media, which is clearly seen as business-savvy, innovative and powerful.

The last planet she has in the 11th house is Venus. She doesn’t only love her friends, but they love her back! Her fame is not a surprise either, as her 11th house placements makes her the perfect candidate to be famous and thrive on social media.

Jupiter in 6th house – uplifting mentor

Barbie has her Jupiter (the planet of abundance) in her 6th house of co-workers and routine, which means that she brings that abundance and generosity to work, always uplifting everybody. She can also come across as a mentor, just like she did to the millions of children around the world who look up to her.

Saturn in the 8th house – trouble in Paradise

With her Saturn (the planet of limitations, seriousness, and authority) in her 8th house of shared values and intimacy, Barbie has a tendency to handle other people’s problems and responsibilities. She will need to learn to be intimate and vulnerable with the right person (maybe not Ken) and to involve herself in a measured way.

North Node in 5th house – the girl just wants to have fun!

The North Node is our soul purpose, and where we find achievement in life. With her North Node in her 5th house of creativity and fun, real life Barbie's life purpose is to have fun, entertain and create! Due to the fact her South Node is in the 11th house, an area of past life energies and talent, serving others comes naturally to her. Taking risks and choosing to have fun is where she earns the most from.


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