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Gemini (May 21st - June 20th) The Evolved and Unevolved Traits

Gemini, the sign that is forever known to be a student of life! This curious sign is a mutable air sign that is represented by the twins. The third House in Astrology is associated with Gemini, as it's all about curiosity with the community around you and learning - traits that Gemini highly exhibits. Gemini is also ruled by the planet Mercury. With that in mind, it's safe to assume they love communication and using their mind in all forms. Like every side to a coin, Gemini follows this suit. Just because they love communication, doesn't always mean that they're super social. Some days they are, and some days they need their alone time to recharge. Depending on where (and if) Gemini is in your big 6* in your zodiac chart, this can show up in different ways!

The “big 6” in Astrology refers to one’s Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, or Venus placement.

The student of life, Gemini and their need for communication

Depending on if a native is evolved or unevolved within placements, these placements can show up in different ways other than the "standard" associations. Being evolved means that one is more grounded and "mature" in a certain area of life. While being unevolved means that one may be out of balance or have more growth to do in a certain area of life. 


The Ascendant (also referred to as one’s rising sign) is determined by the exact time that you were born. As this does change about every two hours, it’s important to have the correct, exact time! The time itself can help determine the degree of your Ascendant sign. The Ascendant is represented in your Astrology chart in your 1st House! The House of Self.

Evolved: Gemini Ascendant when evolved is a very clear, and open communicator who’s big on rationalizing situations properly. They can tend to be very lively and make themselves known. This native is very curious and adaptable to life around them.​​ To go along with their intelligence, they tend to be very creative as well! 

Unevolved: As Gemini’s are well informed, when unevolved they could use this information in a manner that isn’t the most beneficial. They can tend to engage in conversations that surround gossip or are more “negative” towards others. When this sign feels not grounded, they can often try and hyper-control other situations around them to make up for their uneasiness. 


The Sun in Astrology is seen as the center of everything, just as it is seen in our solar system! It represents your inner self, and can define aspirations and what you want from life. It can also be used to focus on the source of your vitality! Your Sun sign is determined by the day that you were born. 

Evolved: You’ll know a Gemini Sun is evolved when they actively seek stimulation and connecting with others! This is a very chatty placement who’s great with multiple languages, brainstorming ideas, and writing. Curiosity and knowledge drive this placement and they’ll actively try and chase this!

Unevolved: On the flip side, when unevolved, Gemini Sun can come across as very scattered and indecisive. They’ll keep to themselves much more and be less eager to engage in social activities or collaborate with others. As Gemini is known as the “student of life”, it’s very important for them to keep that connection with others to expand and challenge themselves. It’s also more likely that they’ll engage in negative talk regarding others or their environment when unevolved. 


The Moon in Astrology is what can show us where we are more emotional and where our needs are. It can also provide one with what their emotional wants and powers are. Knowing this can provide more insight into ways to strengthen ourselves emotionally and know what to be mindful of for improvement! Additionally, the Moon is one of the most important aspects for children, as it shows what they need the most. The Moon is determined by the precise location of where it was in the sky when you were born.

Evolved: When evolved, Gemini Moons can handle having a million tabs open at once within their heads. This is due to their ability to compartmentalize various emotions/actions into what’s important in the present moment and what’s not. It’s common for Gemini Moons to want to rationalize their feelings. Gemini Moons can be great at communicating with their partners their wants and needs. They can be great at communicating emotions in general! When they’re evolved, this is when you can see Gemini Moons being more social and talkative.

Unevolved: Since Gemini Moons always have so much activity going on within their head, they can tend to feel overstimulated. While this is their normal, when unevolved this overstimulation can lead to frustration, burnout, and anger. It’s important to be able to ground and quiet their mind in these situations. This is where the Gemini “two-faced” stereotype may come in. As Gemini can be conflicted and feel lost within their head, this is when we may see the very different sides of Gemini shown since a lot is going on that they can’t decipher. 


The planet of communication, learning, and writing - basically anything that involves how the mind works! Since Mercury is closest to the Sun, it will also be in the same sign or within one sign away from your Sun sign.

Evolved: Since Mercury rules over Gemini, this is a great placement to have in your chart. It can indicate one with a quick mind, who’s great at getting their point across. Talk about someone with a way of words. These natives are great at learning new languages, writing, and publishing. When evolved, they actively sought out traveling to help be able to expand their viewpoint. 

Unevolved: When unevolved, Gemini can appear disorganized and not well together. Their thoughts can be going a million miles a minute with no direct purpose. Gemini when unevolved can also “shoot to kill” with their words when they’re upset. They may also stay more reserved out of fear of being perceived too intensely by others around them. 


The planet of love and femininity! In one’s chart, this can show how they go about romantic relationships, and how they express/see beauty and artistry. Venus is determined by where it was in the sky when you were born. Venus is in one zodiac sign for about 30 days before moving into the next sign. 

Evolved: Gemini Venus absolutely loves a partner who can stimulate them and has much to offer as an individual and in a relationship. This placement will give the same in return. It wouldn’t be shocking for this sign’s love language to be words of affirmation as their way of vocally expressing how they feel to you is great. Since Gemini rules over the third House in Astrology, they care much about their community and friendships. Gemini Venus puts much importance on having a partner who is their best friend. When this placement tells you about future plans for a relationship with you, they mean it.

Unevolved: If unevolved, Gemini Venus could expect too much from their relationships without being willing to do the same in return. Since Gemini is such an explorer, this could make them feel bored and restless in committed/long-term relationships. These actions could result in problematic situations in their relationships. Unevolved Gemini Venus could also send unclear signals as to what they want from their partner in a relationship - changing up what they want depending on the day. 


Mars rules over masculinity in Astrology! This planet is all about taking action, being assertive, and one’s impulses. Similar to Venus, Mars is determined by where exactly in the sky it was when you were born. However, it usually takes about two months in a sign before it changes to the next. It also goes retrograde about every 26 months, which is why it’s important to know your exact birth time!

Evolved: Gemini Mars evolved has a great quality of being fuelled when getting the opportunity to multi-task, communicate with others (especially sharing ideas), and travel. An evolved Gemini moon will be seen often socializing with others with the intent of learning through them.

Unevolved: Scattered, indecisive, and uncommitted to ideas and thoughts are words that come to mind when a Gemini Mars is unevolved. As Gemini typically have a passion for traveling and exploring, when in an unbalanced state, they can seem rather closed off to new ideas and show an uninterest in furthering their learning.


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