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Hollywood Astrology: Deep Dive into Pedro Pascal’s birth chart and undeniable charm

From Game of Thrones to The Last of Us, these shows don’t only have in common the concept of the dead coming back to life, but also the alluring presence of Pedro Pascal sending the audience into a frenzy whenever he pops on TV.

While on the big screen he comes across as a strong character, ready to pick a fight in order to save his loved ones, the hundreds of interviews found on social media portray a funny, almost innocent angle of the actor. A fatal combination, some might admit.

But are there any signs in his birth chart that could point in the direction of Pedro becoming the world’s heartthrob? Let’s have a look!

pedro pascal in a blurry background that looks like a yellow field

Deducing Pedro Pascal's birth chart was not a hard task, as the actor seems to be a fan of Astrology (which only adds to his charm) and in an interview for MTV UK he revealed the following:

"There's a debate [about my rising sign] because I can't seem to track down my birth certificate. And my dad says one thing and I thought it was another so I'm either Gemini rising or Cancer rising but I know I have a Capricorn Moon."

According to “a birth time of 1:15 PM is speculative” making him a Cancer rising as seen below.

pedro pascal's birth chart, Cancer rising, 9th House stellium in Aries and Pisces, Capricorn Moon in the 7th House

Warm, kind, and funny – traits of Cancer Rising

When we look at his Cancer rising, it’s easy to understand why he comes across as so lovable. The first instinct for Cancer rising is to nurture, and they can come across as kind and soft.

People with Cancer in their first house radiate warmth and have the ability to offer comfort to those around them. A true definition of an empath, a Cancer Rising person makes everyone around them feel loved, accepted and safe.

On the other hand, there is a sensitive side to Pedro, and he can perceive being hurt in quite an intense way, making him even more human and approachable from a fan’s perspective.

Interestingly, the position of Saturn in his 1st House can signify a high level of maturity and authority over his own life, which could have contributed to his blossoming success.

Compassionate & valuing close connections

Opposite the Ascendant we can find his Moon in Capricorn. First of all, those with their Moons in Capricorn tend to be very rational when it comes to their emotions, while also having big internal words.

The Moon is also his chart ruler (due to his Rising Sign in Cancer), which amplifies the powers of the planet. The Moon in the 7th House shows a need for companionship and partnership. People with this placement enjoy doing things with someone by their side, whether romantic or close platonic connection. And we can see that in Pedro through this close connection to his long-time friend Sarah Paulson as well as newer but strong friendships like the one with his co-star in The Last of Us, Bella Ramsey.

Furthermore, this placement shows someone with a tone of charisma as a personality trait, due to his instinctual ability to understand the emotions of those around him.

Wherever he goes, and whatever he does, it shows that Pedro values making strong connections with those around him, adding to his overall loveliness.

Interestingly, Pedro’s Moon is in opposition to his Ascendant, further emphasizing traits like being caring and generous towards his companions. This aspect also signifies a high sense of intuition.

Public persona: assertive, ambitious & attractive

When we want to take a look into someone’s public persona and social standings, we look at their MC (Medium Coeli or Midheaven), the angle associated with the 10th House.

With Pedro’s MC in the fiery sign of Aries, it shows assertiveness and ambition. Someone who is not afraid of a challenge and fights hard to get what they want – great traits to possess as an actor!

While Chiron in the 10th House shows a deep fear of failure when it comes to his career and public image, Venus here shows that people view him as alluring when it comes to his job. In fact, those with Venus in the 10th House would quite commonly get into relationships with people from the same industry or workplace.

Currently Pedro Pascal is experiencing his Chiron return. This pivoting moment brings to the surface our biggest fears and the areas we need to heal. Due to the fact that Pedro is experiencing massive success in his career during this time, this suggests that the actor has been working on overcoming his fears. As a result, the Universe is showing him that he deserves all of this success. This speaks volumes about Pedro's level of spiritual evolution and self improvement progress.

His Venus in the 10th House also shows why Pedro ended up becoming an actor as this placement promotes careers involving art.

Alternatively, it is worth noting that if Pedro was born a bit earlier, (making him a Gemini Rising) this would place his Venus in the 11th house. In this instance, this placement would emphasise the love and appreciation his peers have for Pedro, as well as him sharing these feelings for his friends too. Furthermore, those with Venus in the 11th House have a flair for social media and influencing others (which would explain the 9.1 billion Pedro Pascal hashtags on TikTok we've all been guilty of watching).

His Venus is also in the sign of Taurus, where it feels at home. While he might value comfort and stability this placement shows that Pedro can be a bit stubborn when it comes to love as well!

Interestingly, there is also a sextile made between his Venus and Saturn. This aspect further emphasizes the fact that he holds social connections and companionship in high regard.

What’s Pedro Pascal’s life purpose?

The discussion above shows the traits Pedro Pascal possesses that led to him gaining popularity, fame, and love, but what is his actual life purpose on this Earth?

His South Node in the 11th House shows that he is a natural humanitarian who has mastered being of service to others. He finds it easy to think out of the box and has learned how to stay strongly connected with the needs of society.

With his North Node in the 5th House, Pedro has a calling for embracing the joyous aspects of life and having more fun. Part of his life purpose is to be practicing his creative crafts and to allow others to appreciate them (seems to me like he’s doing a great job with that already!).

Having fun in romance, letting go of fears, and interacting with children are all aspects that he should embrace in this life path.

In conclusion, it’s not hard to see why Pedro became the lovable person he is today. Apart from his undeniable acting skills and talent for the arts, his humor, entertaining nature, and fiery spirit, combined with his ability to be soft, kind, and warm would easily make anybody fall head over heels for him!

The birth chart is at the core of someone’s potential and a map for their life’s successes and challenges. If you’d like to learn more about yours, check our services below:


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