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How to become an Astrologer

What is an Astrologer?

An Astrologer is a person who analyses a variety of Astrology charts with the purpose of offering guidance and support. Most Astrologers work with a Spiritual perspective and use the customer's birth charts for the purpose of guiding them towards a happier, more fulfilling life. They can also identify why you get stuck in life and why you may encounter specific challenges such as career blockages or relationships not working out.

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Astrologers may specialise in a variety of fields, but here are the more common ones:

  • Personal Astrologers work with customers 1-on-1 to identify personal growth points and challenges, as well as make predictions in a person's life.

  • Mundane Astrologers analyse planetary movements with the purpose of making worldwide predictions such as financial market growth, worldly major events, social and cultural changes etc.

  • Relational Astrologers work with couples and analyse synastry and composite charts with the purpose of finding compatibility and growth points between two or more people.

The personality type of a good Astrologer

A good Astrologer is supposed to practice their craft with integrity and empathy. Although not identical to Psychotherapy, Astrology is a close "cousin" to this field, as its purpose is to bring answers to people who seek life-related guidance. As such, customers are often sensitive to what they are being told and their beliefs and existing bias may lead them to interpret the Astrologer's overall vibe and categorise the reading conclusions as "good" or "bad".

A good Astrologer gives clarity their customer and makes them feel empowered, rather than guilty or more stuck. They also feel empowered by the idea of helping people and being of service.

What working with a customer looks like

An Astrologer often spends their day interacting with customers and providing them with the answers they seek. A common service for people who are first introduced into Astrology is to get a Birth Chart Reading, in which they gain an understanding of their life on Earth soul purpose-wise, and an overview of their challenges, growth points, and personality aspects. It may be in the format of a Zoom session, in-person meeting, pre-filmed video, or a written report.

Once the customer receives their reading, they should have the option to continue the conversation, to ask questions and receive guidance on where there is the need for more in-depth support.

How to become an astrologer online

The best and easiest way to become an Astrologer is to receive mentorship from a reputable professional Astrologer as you can easily learn the concepts and validate your interpretations against someone else with more experience.

You can become an Astrologer at the Astro Lorena Academy. Here you can follow online course materials in your own time and take notes in your personal own notebook by receiving continuous support from the course mentor. When you feel ready and comfortable with your practice, submit your examination report - your very first Birth Chart Reading of a real person and receive a grade for your hard work! Once passed, you receive an Astrology Diploma.

The course is led by Lorena Mitoi, a professional Astrologer with the experience of working with thousands of worldwide customers.

Setup your business

Once you've got the knowledge, it's time to set yourself on the market! You may choose to set up your own business and market yourself on social media such as TikTok, Facebook or Instagram. But there is also the option of opening an Astrology shop on online sales platforms such as Etsy or Fiver, where customers can more easily find you and book your services. You can always start with lower fees and, as you get more comfortable with the value you offer, you can raise the prices slowly. Advice such as this is also included in the Astro Lorena Academy.

Are you thinking of becoming an Astrologer yourself? Or are you curious about how it feels to be one? Let me know in the comments below.



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