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How to Show Appreciation to the Mom in Your Life this Mother's Day? Look at Where Her Venus Falls!

With Mother’s Day approaching, you may find yourself wondering what to get Mom this year or you may not even realize Mother’s Day is coming up quickly. As much as a good candle and flowers are classic hits on Mother’s Day, you can do better! By looking at where your Mom’s Venus falls within her chart you can get a better idea of what to give her. Something she’ll truly love and will make her feel appreciated.

While Venus is commonly known to be the planet of love and beauty (which it is), it can also show your personal aesthetic, desires, and love language. By looking to this placement, it will give you a better idea of how someone wants to receive gifts and love.

1st House Venus

Being the house of self-identity, appearance, and how the world sees us - Venus here shows someone who has great taste with a beautiful aesthetic, and an attractive aura! The energy here is much like looking through rose-colored glasses because of the undeniable, beautiful energy. An energy of such attracts the finer, pretty things in life. Great gifts for this placement would be related to adding to their naturally magnetizing appearance. A nice face mask and a nourishing bath bomb would be perfect. A spa day that leaves your mom glowing from within to further show off her alluring beauty would be great too!

2nd House Venus

Bringing in the theme of this House ruling money and possessions, gifting your Mom something that is a tangible expression of love would be very much valued by her. Think back to conversations you two have had and try to remember little things she may have mentioned that she wants. Maybe she's mentioned a certain type of stone she loves. Gifting a luxurious necklace and bracelet set would be something she'd love to receive! While gifting physical items can feel impersonal, there are ways you can make it more individualized!

3rd House Venus

The House of the student! Words such as community, expression, and intellect come to mind when thinking of this House. When considering your Mom - is she involved in any organizations or studying a subject she's passionate about? Donating to a local charity she's involved in under her name, taking a tour together of a landmark near home, or getting her a book regarding her latest interests would be right up her alley! If you're able to spend this day with her (or hop on a call) indulge her and let her rant and talk all about her learnings, this would fill her cup and make her soul smile!

4th House Venus

If the idea of Mother's Day were to match the energy of any House, it'd be this one! This House is rooted in family, nurturing, and motherhood. One of the best gifts you could give to your Mom is to simply be with her! While she gains much happiness from a house full of her children, she also finds a home within her children - which can be anywhere! A great pairing to go with the company of children would be gifting something sentimental such as a family photo that can be hung in the house. Adding to the beautiful home feeling that your Mom has cultivated throughout your life is an excellent way to show a deeper level of appreciation.

5th House Venus

Venus here loves showing through creating, having fun, and performing. You may find also that you and your Mom have a shared love of these passions and that you get your creativity from her! While your Mom has an appreciation for the arts and gifting her a painting of a place she loves is a good idea, with the ruling planet of this house being the Sun - do something together that adds to her vitality! Plan a fun day together where you can be loud, silly, and creative. A paint wine and dine night, dinner followed by karaoke, or going to a comedy show would be the perfect gift for your Mom!

6th House Venus

Growing up did you ever feel like your Mom always deeply appreciated you most when you did something practical to help her out? This could've been cleaning up around the house, feeding the animals, helping meal prep, or other mundane things to make her day easier. Acts of service are her ideal way of receiving love! This Mother's Day simply offering to pick up lunch and come over to help her take care of some chores around the house would go a long way. If that's not possible, maybe look into a food delivery service that has a few meals all prepped and ready to go, or sign her up for a workout class that she's been looking forward to!

7th House Venus

As Venus feels at home in this House, this House has strong themes of being close to another and having strong one on one communication. This House is also associated with Libra - the zodiac that embodies harmony, aesthetics, and balance. An ideal day to make your Mom feel cared for would include a picnic with a gorgeous view, making sure to pay attention to details (such as picking up flowers to set up), and bringing a few of her favorite desserts to have a nice spread. While enjoying a picnic together, make sure to have genuine conversations as that fills her cup!

8th House Venus

This House is all about values, deep thoughts, and emotions! Do you feel like your Mom is the sort of Mom who has saved all of your handwritten cards since you were young? Or if you ever wrote her a note or openly shared your emotions, did it make her happy or emotional? If yes, sharing your thoughts and emotions on this day through a handwritten card, poem, or reflecting back on happy memories will go far with your Mom today.

9th House Venus

The opposite of the 3rd House is this House! Making the focus all about philosophy, long-term travel, and being the teacher of life! Your Mom has an appreciation for the finer things in life. I'm not referring to materialistic objects but the higher knowledge and curiosity that they carry. Making a scrapbook of her travels, getting her new materials that further her philosophical thoughts, or exploring something new with her today will mean more than you realize.

10th House Venus

Since the energy of this House is focused on career, reputation, and authority - this may seem very different from how you view showing love. However, they say that people do business how they handle relationships! With that in mind, your Mom simply might just want to receive recognition for the positive aspects they're brought to your life or you could put together a creative video from you (and your siblings, if that applies) talking about what you appreciate about her and how you view her. Through this recognition, her heart will feel full!

11th House Venus

Friends hopes, and networking are important to your Mom! While your Mom would love to spend time with you, planning an event (such as a brunch) where you include friends from her inner circle would allow your Mom to feel extra loved. Being able to connect with those around her that she values, in addition to being around you is a perfect day for her!

12th House Venus

While your Mom has a lot of depth to her emotions, she may struggle to feel seen and heard. Taking this day to be able to make her feel the depth of your appreciation and let her know how important she is to you would leave her feeling wonderful. A great way to go about this would be to make a big gesture that catches her by surprise! Plan out a day that makes her feel seen and her emotions validated.

Regardless of how big or small the gesture, no matter how near or far you may be - there are so many ways that you can make your Mom feel appreciated this Mother's Day.

To those who have lost a loved one, have a relationship that has been strained or struggle with Mother's Day, I'm sending you love and hope you do something that brings you peace today.


While this article goes over the main points of what someone's love language is based on the placement of Venus, there are many more areas of one's life that a chart can show. If you'd like to take a deeper dive into your chart, you can check out our Birth Chart Reading service below.

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