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Karma and Life Lessons: The effects of Saturn transiting your birth chart!

When we embark on a journey to reach our goals, that journey involves the willingness to put in hard work, have ambition, and sometimes make sacrifices. In astrology Saturn is the planet whose transits push us to start these journeys. This article will answer your questions about what Saturn transits mean for each house in your birth chart.

First of all, who is Saturn?

Also known as the ‘Greater Malefic’, which sounds rather spooky, Saturn is the planet of severity, seriousness, and authority. We all need to learn different types of lessons in this lifetime and Saturn shows the areas in which we will experience the hardest yet most fulfilling lessons.

During this transit, those who have yet to learn important lessons might be faced with opportunities to learn them, while those who have a good relationship with Saturn and have gone through the journey of self development will experience its rewards.

A slow-moving planet, Saturn takes around 28/29 years to complete its journey around the Sun, which means it resides in a zodiac sign for around 2.5 years.

Below we will learn what effect Saturn will have when transiting through each one of your birth chart houses, in order for you to know what to expect from these transits.

Transiting Saturn through houses

Transit Saturn in 1st House

This is a very significant transit for self-development, as the 1st house deals with your self-identity, personality, and image. You will become more concerned with the way you look, the way you act, and the way others perceive you. Becoming hyper-aware of your age and bad habits can push you on a journey to become healthier and more concerned about taking better care of yourself.

During this time, you will also be on a quest for independence, which might not come easy, depending on your relationship with Saturn.

If you choose to work with Saturn, embrace the hardships of change instead of running away from them, and work towards self-improvement, you can come out of this transit the best version of yourself.

Transit Saturn in 2nd House

The 2nd house is the house of money, possessions, and personal values. When Saturn is

transiting your 2nd house the aim becomes to achieve a certain financial goal. This could be paying off your debts, such as a mortgage or a student loan, or working towards achieving a certain income.

You might notice some financial loss, or financial growth/rewards, depending on your life context and the lessons that Saturn wants you to acquire.

However, the aim of it is to learn that you are capable of putting yourself back on your feet, that you can overcome any obstacles, that your work is valuable, and you are more than able to take care of yourself.

Transit Saturn in 3rd House

When Saturn is transiting your 3rd house you feel the desire to be listened to and for your words to mean something. You seek to be inspiring and to show authority through your words and you might embark on a journey to write content or learn a new skill.

Your mental output might be scrutinized, however, the people who don’t appreciate your mind and don’t listen to what you have to say, will push you towards improving your abilities, taking on new courses, learning new things, and amplifying your skill sets. Growth opportunities within a community or extended family are not uncommon during this time.

While this transit can feel like a lot of pressure on your shoulders, by the end of it you will have gained a greater depth of understanding of your subject of interest, as well as better means of communicating your thoughts and knowledge.

Transit Saturn in 4th House

Family life, nurturing ability, and home roots are the themes of the 4th house. When Saturn is transiting this house, old foundations might feel unsteady and you might be pushed towards building a new safe space, emotionally and physically.

Letting go of the old might not feel as easy as you’d think, however, a refresh on your home and family life can lead to good outcomes once the transit ends. If you worked with your 4th house placements well, the bond you share with your family will get stronger, you will feel more emotionally secure and you will find more comfort in your home.

Transit Saturn in 5th House

The 5th house is the house of creativity, fun, and children. When Saturn transits this house, this can be a period of re-evaluating your creative projects and exploring your talents. Connecting with activities that once brought fun into your life may not come as easy as before and you might get some impostor syndrome.

It is important to use this time to develop a routine and framework that helps you rediscover what brings you happiness and embark on a journey of exploring your creative talents.

During this time you might also be faced with questions regarding having children or rethinking the way you interact with children.

Oppositely, depending on your life context and the lessons that Saturn wants you to acquire, you may start new creative projects or enter new romantic relationships.

Transit Saturn in 6th House

When Saturn is transiting the 6th house, the areas that are in the spotlight are routine, health, service, and pets. During this time your work responsibilities become prioritized, and you might feel like you need more training and learning new skills to help you advance in your career.

Do not neglect your health during this time as well. Pay attention to your habits and make sure that your work stress is not affecting your health. Eating healthy, exercising, and having a good routine can be very important during this time, so health issues don’t arise.

If you have a good relationship with Saturn, you may observe positive changes in your routine which can lead to a better lifestyle.

During this transit you may also feel the need to be more helpful to those around you and do more acts of service.

Transit Saturn in 7th House

The 7th house is the house responsible for 1-to-1 communication and partnerships, both romantic and business, so during this time, the attention will be focused on your close relationships.

You will be rethinking the kind of partner you want in your life, as well as your boundaries in relationships. Oppositely, you will also work on becoming a better version of yourself in partnerships as well.

Although some might experience relationship struggles during this period, if you have a good connection to Saturn and it is something you've planned it advance, this transit can initiate more commitment in your relationship.

Once this transit leaves your 7th house, you will have stronger bonds with these people, if you learned the lessons Saturn is trying to teach.

Transit Saturn in 8th House

The 8th house deals with research, shared values, finances, and diving deep, so this can be an intense period. You might feel particularly alone during this time, as this house embodies shared matters. This can mean financially or feeling like you’re alone in your mindset.

You may feel like exploring and diving deep into your thoughts and beliefs, and there might be a certain pressure to find all the answers. Going through your thoughts with a professional such as a therapist can help you navigate this period more easily.

Intimacy issues might arise as well, you might find that you lack the confidence and comfort you once had. It is important to use this time to get more in touch with your mind and body and learn its needs.

If you are in tune with your Saturn placement, this transit can bring the satisfaction and rewards of being self-sufficient, both emotionally and financially,

Transit Saturn in 9th House

Philosophy, traveling, belief systems, and higher education are all themes of the 9th house. When Saturn is transiting this house, you will feel the need to become more authoritative in your field of expertise, go from being the student to being the teacher.

Getting your nose deep in books, finishing your studies, and exploring new places will help you towards your goals. Don’t let any impostor syndrome stop you from taking steps forward, as hard work during this transit can bring growth in your education and profession.

Transit Saturn in 10th House

The biggest themes of the 10th house are career, reputation, and authority. During this transit, you might encounter some bumps in the road when it comes to your work, which can lead you to question your abilities. If you and Saturn are best buddies, this transit can also represent an advancement in your career and social status.

In order for you to become an authoritative figure and be taken seriously in your professional world it is important to use this time to take your work development seriously. Make sure that during this period you don’t forget to appreciate your achievements, as there might be a tendency to be too hard on yourself and have a veil over your eyes that stops you from appreciating your hard work.

Transit Saturn in 11th House

The 11th house deals with friends, networking, society, hopes & aspirations. When Saturn is transiting your 11th house your affiliation with people as well as your personal goals will become a big focus. During this time, you might start thinking about your legacy and the mark you are leaving on this earth.

Bonds with your closest friend might become stronger or oppositely, you might feel like you don’t have things in common anymore, therefore you might start feeling alone and alienated. However, at the end of this transit, you should be surrounded by those people and groups you truly identify with, and they can even help you build your legacy!

Transit Saturn in 12th House

The subconscious mind, intuition, confinement, and karma are the most prevalent themes of the 12th house. During this time, you will have to face your karmic debts and wrongdoings. It is important to face them with dignity and the willingness to learn from your mistakes, rather than by running away from them. Taking responsibility can help you towards personal development.

You will also feel inclined to explore the topics of the subconscious and the psychology of the human mind during this time. It is definitely a very cleansing period.

What if Saturn is Retrograde?

When a planet is in Retrograde, there is an optical illusion that makes us perceive the planet going backward. As Saturn is the planet of severity, seriousness, and authority, this is a particularly Karmic moment that aims to change your perspective on themes represented by the house it activates. This is a great period to reassess your views and situations and decide the new trajectory you want to follow.

Furthermore, as Saturn deals with Karma, any wrongdoings or mistakes of the past might flare up. This means that there are lessons you haven’t yet learned, and this is the moment in which these lessons are about to be taught. If you have a good relationship with Saturn, and you have used the time before this transit for your character development, this period can also feel like a reward.

Although this might sound scary, without learning important life lessons, we cannot progress, therefore this pivotal moment aims to help you evolve and better yourself. This is why it is important to face it rather than run from it.


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