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Making Summer Plans? Look to Your Birth Chart!

Summer's approaching quickly and many conversations are being had about what to do! Luckily enough, looking at your Natal Chart can help give you an idea of what your soul would truly enjoy. By looking at your 5th House (House of creativity, fun, and joy), your 3rd House (House of local community), and your 11th House (House of friends, networking, and society), you can get a better idea of activities you'd enjoy doing! Specifically, we will look at various planets and what they signify. From here you'll be able to construct summer plans based on what's aligned with your soul!

If you happen not to have any 5th House placements in your Natal Chart, don't worry! Having a few different houses to look at in your chart should give you some ideas for some summer fun.

(For a basic image of your Natal chart online websites, such as astro-seek, can help you. However, I'd recommend booking a reading for a deep dive as to what everything means together.)

Sun in the 5th House

The Sun is very comfortable in this House as it's the ruling planet! Considering the Leo energy that is associated here, you love to dazzle and be seen. Being such a creative, and naturally entertaining person - you thrive on stage! Specifically when you're doing something exciting, taking risks, or working closely with children. This summer you should look into open mic nights to show off your talents, check out a comedy club, or volunteer to work with children doing art! Embrace your inner child and let your talents shine through.

Jupiter, and Venus are very similar in this House.

Moon in the 5th House

Emotionally speaking, you have a strong desire to not just create but to perform. Similar to the Sun in this placement, you have a very intuitive way of working with children and forming close bonds with them. You're young at heart! Find a way to incorporate singing, dancing, and creating into your summer! Helping build props for a local children's theatre would be very fulfilling for you. Going out with your Sun in the 5th House friends to a karaoke club sounds like a perfect night! Push yourself out of your comfort zone for a newfound sense of feeling more alive.

Saturn, and Neptune, Pluto are very similar in this House.

Mercury in the 5th House

As Mercury is the planet of thinking and communication, in combination with the fun of the 5th House - doing something to combine these two would be great for you! You have the mind of a performer, with the sharpness of a writer. Get involved with writing a script and acting it out with a group of friends or fellow performers. With the great work you're destined to produce, maybe even submit it to a local film festival at the end of the summer! Starting a blog and documenting your day-to-day or capturing the trips you take with your friends would be great too.

Mars in the 5th House

When it comes to your summer plans, they're anything but basic! Mars is all about being impulsive, assertive, and taking action. This combination leads to some thrilling times that involve taking risks. To start slow you could go rock climbing or indoor skydiving, however, if you want to go all out - go skydiving! The last-minute impulse with the adrenaline rush is exactly the sort of summer fun you're looking for.

Uranus in the 5th House

Being the planet of unconventionality, you're going to be looking for something a bit different this summer! You'll be searching for activities that highlight your unique passions, and you would benefit from spending time volunteering at organizations that you're passionate about as you may have some more extra time (and daylight) on your hands. It's very important to you that you feel free to explore this summer with no restraints!


Sun in the 3rd House

With such an active mind that craves feeling heard, mixed with how you thrive in an environment where the people around you want to talk - spending your time being able to write, express yourself, and travel would be really great for you this summer! Considering going to a slam poetry night and surrounding yourself with others who want to share their thoughts and ideas in an environment that's excepting and encouraging of how you're showing your emotions. Additionally, through travel or trying new things in your local community, this will facilitate opportunities for you to connect with those around you. In the summer there are always so many fairs happening, check one out and strike up a conversation with someone at a booth that you share interests with!

Jupiter in the 3rd House

With a strong passion for writing, consider writing a book this summer. This could be poetry, stories based on your experiences, or purely just a creative project. With your ability to form a community and natural social media presence, maybe writing a column answering questions that those about you send in would be a fun and fulfilling way for you to spend your time!


Uranus in the 11th House

The way that you naturally are so unique and crave being surrounded by your friends that you've made from all walks of life really makes me feel this fun, carefree, dance-outside barefoot kind of energy! Consider gathering your friends (from all different friend groups) and setting up a camping trip together. A place where you can all be loud, carefree, and bond over s'mores or a good drink would be perfect for you! Not to mention how much your friends would love this opportunity too!

The Sun is very similar in this House.

Neptune in the 11th House

As partying in large groups may not be in your best interest, with your intuitive and kind energy finding a local pottery or art studio to spend your time with others while learning new skills could be a great move this summer! It gives you a good place to get out, and meet others, while still maintaining a relaxed mindset and a safe place to express yourself freely.


While this article goes over the main points of what would be fun to your soul this summer, there are many more areas and interests that a chart can show. If you'd like to take a deeper dive into your chart, you can check out our Birth Chart Reading service below.



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