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Mercury Retrograde August 2023: This is how your rising sign will be affected

Mercury Retrograde is once again upon us, bringing a veil of uncertainty and exes back into our lives. To save yourself some headaches it is important to know the area of your life this transit will affect you most. Here is how this Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Virgo will affect each Rising sign!

But first, what is Mercury Retrograde?

When a planet is in Retrograde, there is an optical illusion that makes us perceive the planet going backward. As Mercury is the planet of communication and conscious thinking, during its Retrograde period, technology and communication can be highly affected. You might also have an overarching feeling of misfortune. However, during this time you will also feel a drive to plan changes in the affected areas of your life. This Mercury Retrograde starts on the 23rd of August and will last until the 14th of September.

This is how Mercury Retrograde will affect you based on your Rising Sign!

Aries Rising

If you’re an Aries Rising, this Mercury Retrograde will fall into your 6th House of physical health, routine, and co-workers. Therefore, you might decide to make a change regarding your health habits or the people that you work with. You might also be re-planning what you want to do career-wise. This is the perfect time to brainstorm ideas and make a scheme of how to achieve your desired results health and work-wise.

Taurus Rising

Taurus Risings will feel the effects of this Mercury Retrograde in the 5th House of fun, creativity, dating, and children. During this time, you could be revising a creative project or something artistic. Issues with your partner might arise, during which you might be pushed towards taking a step back or rethinking the way you want the relationship to work. However, it can also be that you might be thinking of ways of improving your current relationship. Ex-partners are also more likely to show up back into your life during this period.

Gemini Rising

If you’re a Gemini Rising your 4th House of home and family will be affected during this Mercury Retrograde. You might get your hands full with doing home-related projects like renovations or changing households. Your family life can also be affected during this period when arguments or other issues might arise. Reconciliations can also happen during this period with family members that you might have had issues with in the past. A lot of self-reflection will be done at home during this transit.

Cancer Rising

Cancer Risings will feel this Mercury Retrograde in the 3rd House of communication and projects. You might find yourself all hands on deck when it comes to your projects during this time. If you’ve been procrastinating, this time will push you to get things done. Changes when it comes to your routine and creative endeavours, such as writing projects, can arise.

Leo Rising

If you’re a Leo Rising, you will feel this Mercury Retrograde in your 2nd House of finances and money. During this time, you might have to rethink the way you budget your money or the way you are spending money. You might also be looking for new means and strategies for making money.

Virgo Rising

If you’re a Virgo Rising, the spotlight is on you, as this Mercury Retrograde falls into your 1st House of self. Therefore, you might find yourself rethinking your appearance and your personality. The way you want to present yourself to the world and be seen. You might want to change your wardrobe, change your hair, and overall, you might want to create a new identity. You will also feel more private and reserved during this period.

Libra Rising

Libra Risings will feel this Mercury Retrograde in the 12th House of the subconscious mind, mental health, and spirituality. During this time, you might be thinking of new ways to take care of your mental health and you might be rethinking your coping mechanisms. Introspection is the word defining this period the most for you.

Scorpio Rising

If you are a Scorpio Rising, this Mercury Retrograde will fall into your 11th House of Networking and Friends. During this time, you might be rethinking your social groups and your ties to them. You might feel more introverted and less likely than usual to join new groups and networks. You might also either reconcile with an old friend or get rid of friendships that don’t serve you anymore.

Sagittarius Rising

If you are a Sagittarius Rising, this Mercury Retrograde will be in your 10th House of career, social status, and authority. During this time, you might butt heads with an authority figure. You might also be reconsidering your career and whether it is time for a change. Oppositely, you might be thinking of new ways to help you propel in your current career.

Capricorn Rising

Capricorn Risings will feel this Mercury Retrograde in the 9th House of traveling and higher education. During this time, you might be rethinking your travel plans or you might be booking new holiday trips to explore the world. Some Capricorn Risings will also be reconsidering their education or thinking of starting a new course. Overall, this is a period that will help you elevate mentally and become wiser.

Aquarius Rising

If you’re an Aquarius Rising, this Mercury Retrograde will be in your 8th House of investments and finances. During this time, you might be thinking of new strategies to invest your money and handle your finances. This can also mean paying off an old debt or learning new budgeting techniques.

Pisces Rising

Pisces Risings will feel this Mercury Retrograde in the 7th House of partnerships and committed relationships. Therefore, you might experience communication issues with a partner (romantic or business). If you have some unfinished business with an ex-partner, they are also likely to reappear in your life. During this time, you will also be more reflective of past relationships, which will help you conclude if you want to be over or under them.


If you’d like to learn more about how this transit will affect you specifically, get a reading below!



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