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Mrs. Virgo Herself - AKA Blake Lively

Hello, Mrs. Virgo with a Leo Ascendant! Starting acting at the young age of 10 is no surprise here. From blockbuster hits, being in the limelight, to running companies during recent years - embodying this Virgo and Leo energy is exactly what Blake has brought into her life! To maintain this lifestyle it’s essential to be naturally organized, willing to put in the work the way a perfectionist does, be creative, and be okay with having all eyes on you.

In one’s chart, you can see many indicators of how one’s life may naturally play out. Looking at Blake's chart you can see the presence of fame indicators, planets that show her ability to shine in what she does, the natural pull she exhibits that brings attention to her beauty, public speaking skills, and deep passion for learning and evolving.

Being Magnetizing in the Spotlight

One of the biggest indicators of someone being in the spotlight, being a creative, or being some form of entertainment is having a Leo Ascendent. As soon as I saw this, her being in the acting industry (with such a known name) was no surprise! Leo’s first instinct is to shine and be able to express themselves creatively! When many people think of Leos, they tend to think of a lion. The most prominent aspect of a lion is arguably a mane, and Leo Ascendants are no different! With Blake, this can be seen with her gorgeous blonde locks that is an identitable feature to her.

Having her Part of Fortune be in Leo as well, is another indicator of the emphasis of her ability to find luck and success in entertainment and expressing herself in a creative manner. Being on center stage will bring much prosperity and happiness to her!

Shining brightly the way that the Sun does, having the Sun in Blake’s 1st house in Virgo was confirmation that she shines at everything she does. Further than that, she takes on life with an assertive approach. Starting acting so young and always being in the public’s eye isn’t for the faint of heart but this placement knows how to handle it naturally. With her Mars right on top of her Sun, this emphasizes her passion and enthusiasm for what she shines at and gives her the energy to take action for what she wants. This has allowed her to pave her way through various roles throughout her career. With Venus also on top of these planets, this drives home her great aesthetics, beauty in her aura and appearance. These traits can be seen from her loved red carpet looks to the characters she plays.

Looking again at the planets in the 1st house, as Blake has four of them here, the 1st house is a strong theme in her life. The 1st house is representative of your self-identity, personality, appearance, and your most obvious traits. It’s how the world sees you. As important as it can be to have the ability to step into roles creative, and present in a way that Hollywood approves of - being able to speak in a captivating way and deliver lines naturally can come harder to some. Blake however has her Mercury (planet of communication) in her 1st house in Virgo. This is a sign of a great communicator who is extremely talented in public speaking and using their voice to send a powerful message.

Passions and Originality

As mentioned previously, acting and creating isn’t only a career - it’s an active passion and a way Blake can express herself. However, there are more passions shown in her chart past entertainment. There’s an emphasis that we can see with Pluto in her 3rd house in Scorpio. This lets us know that Blake is a soul who wants to really take in the world around her. If she hears about something, she’s going to do all she can to truly learn everything about the subject. This planetary position is also indicative that she would transform the most while studying, traveling, and connecting within her community.

Blake being a native with Uranus in the 5th House in Sagittarius shows that she has eccentric ideas! This is a sign of a very creative mind too. Blake’s originality can be seen in her acting, but also her company! Owning a mixer company, Betty Buzz, since 2021 - Blake is no stranger to creating an innovative product. The drinks themselves are made to be mixers or stand-alone drinks. When creating for her company, it’s safe to say that Blake’s ideas come from an intuitive place. This is seen in her Neptune within her 5th House in Capricorn. This placement can also be indicative of skills in the acting realm due to the amazing imagination and ability to handle embarrassment that is shown in this sign.

Soul Purpose

Looking to the North and South Nodes we can see what Blake’s soul purpose is in this life. Blake’s North Node is in her 8th House in Aries, making her South Node in her 2nd House in Libra. 8th House North Node signifies that transformation and spirituality are major life themes. Learning that life endings in this life are just as important as beginnings is important too. There’s an emphasis on exploring the human psyche as well, and exploring the spectrum of human emotions - allowing room to feel them deeply. Being in Aries, this is also encouragement and focus on following her dreams, being a leader, and being assertive to get where she wants to go. Aries is full of passion, and won’t take no as an answer.

South Node in Libra shows that in previous lives, Blake has mastered balance when it comes to material possessions and her values. Coming into this life, this makes her more grounded, at ease, and charismatic when it comes to finances.


While this article goes over the main points of career indicators and reoccurring themes in a chart and how they can show in one's life, there are many more areas of one's life that a chart can show. If you'd like to take a deeper dive into your chart, you can check out our Birth Chart Reading service below.



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