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Pisces (February 19th - March 20th) The Evolved and Unevolved Traits

Pisces is the last zodiac sign out of the bunch! Due to this, Pisces has absorbed a compilation of traits from all other zodiacs making them very versatile. Pisces is a Mutable Water sign that is often associated with two fish swimming after each other. Some believe that this is supposed to represent Pisces' need for balance between reality and fantasy as they’re such dreamers. This zodiac is very in tune with not only their needs and emotions but the world around them as a whole. If you look at where Pisces is in your chart (if it’s in your chart) you can see the different ways it may show up in your big 6!

The “big 6” in Astrology refers to one’s Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, or Venus placement.

Pisces fish swimming together

Depending on if a native is evolved or unevolved within placements, these placements can show up in different ways other than the "standard" associations. Being evolved means that one is more grounded and "mature" in a certain area of life. While being unevolved means that one may be out of balance or have more growth to do in a certain area of life.


The Ascendant (also referred to as one’s rising sign) is determined by the exact time that you were born. As this does change about every two hours, it’s important to have the correct, exact time! The time itself can help determine the degree of your Ascendant sign. The Ascendant is represented in your Astrology chart in your 1st House! The House of Self.

Evolved: These natives are so focused on humanitarian rights! Their empathy and sensitivity make them want to focus on making the world around them better in every way and for everyone. Pisces' creativity can also be used to make the world around them a better place. With their caring nature, you can’t help but feel comfortable around them! 

Unevolved: Pisces here has the potential to get too stuck living in their heads. When unevolved, Pisces can also begin doubting their intuition, which in turn makes them down the whole reality around them. When this native feels hurt, they tend to pull back and deeply seclude themselves. 


The Sun in Astrology is seen as the center of everything, just as it is seen in our solar system! It represents your inner self, and can define aspirations and what you want from life. It can also be used to focus on the source of your vitality! Your Sun sign is determined by the day that you were born. 

Evolved: Pisces Suns have a very dreamy, intuitive, and natural way of being in tune with the energy of universal love when evolved. These natives are very creative and resourceful with their emotions. It’s not uncommon to see Pisces bring their emotions into their artwork. 

Unevolved: If unevolved, due to Pisces' nature of being more in tune and sensitive, they can be very hurt easily when they’re involved with conflict. Pisces can also come off as unrealistic and impractical when unevolved due to extreme daydreaming and not being able to stay aware of how to ground themselves. It can become difficult for these natives to keep in mind what’s realistic or not.


The Moon in Astrology is what can show us where we are more emotional and where our needs are. It can also provide one with what their emotional wants and powers are. Knowing this can provide more insight into ways to strengthen ourselves emotionally and know what to be mindful of for improvement! Additionally, the Moon is one of the most important aspects for children, as it shows what they need the most. The Moon is determined by the precise location of where it was in the sky when you were born.

Evolved: When evolved, Pisces is deeply compassionate with sensitive hearts towards those around them and is extremely aware of other people’s needs. Pisces empathy here allows them to connect with those around them! As they’re so aware of their own emotions, this makes them very introspective and more open to adapting for the best.

Unevolved: On the contrary, when Pisces is unevolved they are unaware of other people’s needs, feelings, and emotions as they tend to be more in their head. Overall, Pisces when unevolved can tend to lean more towards not caring about much in this state as they are mentally not down on earth. This can also make the native more prone to mood swings from their conflicting emotions of being present and having to do day-to-day tasks.


The planet of communication, learning, and writing - basically anything that involves how the mind works! Since Mercury is closest to the Sun, it will also be in the same sign or within one sign away from your Sun sign.

Evolved: This native’s intuitive ways continue into their communication too! They are frequent daydreams, who can focus their intuitive ideas into creative outlets. Pisces also has a way of helping understand others energetically as if it’s second nature. There’s also a strong ability to comfort others as they’re so understanding! 

Unevolved: As Pisces can feel others' energy with ease, this can lead to an inability to know what to say. This can lead to them seeming uninterested. Similar to other placements, a Pisces Mercury can lead to seeming not present as they’re somewhere else. Their ideas may seem extremely far off. 


The planet of love and femininity! In one’s chart, this can show how they go about romantic relationships, and how they express/see beauty and artistry. Venus is determined by where it was in the sky when you were born. Venus is in one zodiac sign for about 30 days before moving into the next sign. 

Evolved: As Pisces is so open, they love with all their heart! Pisces loves sharing their love with those around them. This is a kind of love that can feel unreal as if it’s written in a story or a movie. This placement would make a great partner as they show so much care, attentiveness, and crave connection at a deeper level.

Unevolved: When unevolved, this placement may turn the relationship into something that it's not actually in their mind. Pisces can also tend to not feel the most secure in relationships as they can allow their mind to wander to various scenarios. 


Mars rules over masculinity in Astrology! This planet is all about taking action, being assertive, and one’s impulses. Similar to Venus, Mars is determined by where exactly in the sky it was when you were born. However, it usually takes about two months in a sign before it changes to the next. It also goes retrograde about every 26 months, which is why it’s important to know your exact birth time!

Evolved: Intuition is usually used in planning their next move, as it should be! There’s a balance here that is understood to take their dreamy plans and bring them into the world while still using a realistic approach. Here we can also see a very eager want to express oneself through their actions! 

Unevolved: This placement could not always think their actions through before doing them, which may lead to some uncomfortable situations. Opposite to the evolved version of this placement, if Pisces doesn’t understand how to balance reality and their dreams, they may end up in a place that is far off from what they wanted as an outcome.  


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