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Snoop Dogg : From his Libra Charm to his Scorpio Moon

Snoop Dogg (previously known as Snoop Doggy Dog and Snoop Lion) has been in the spotlight since 1992 when he first was featured on Dr. Dre’s album. Since Snoop is a Libra (born on October 20th, 1971) it’s no surprise that he has spent many years in the public’s eye. Libra’s are known for their charisma, social ways, and their love for a good aesthetic (which can show creatively through their passions). Looking at his chart you can see how his career, relaxed nature, and soul connection to performing are all prominent in his life.

Relaxed Nature

When thinking about Snoop, a common thought that people have is about how grounded and balanced he comes off. This could be due to his Taurus Ascendant, along with his Libra placements. Having a Taurus Ascendant can show that there’s a natural instinct to build security and stability in one’s life. This stability can also be linked to their preference for taking things slow. Snoop got into music young and has found a way to maintain this success while still staying relevant through changing times.

With the Sun in Libra, this shows that Snoop is balanced, diplomatic, and has a great eye for detail and beauty. As mentioned earlier, Libras love a good aesthetic! It’s natural for this placement to show a soul that is often charismatic from birth and is naturally good at navigating relationships with others. One may say that his overall persona is character like, and in itself, an aesthetic.

Having a Taurus Ascendant would make the ruling planet of Snoop's chart, Venus. This can show that one of his prominent personality traits is his intense yet balanced relationship he has with others. It's very easy for him to bring balance into any connection that he wishes. Loyalty from those around him is very important as well.


As previously mentioned, Snoop has a Taurus Ascendant. When you look at Snoop’s early life and career, you can tell by his dedication at a young age to music that he was serious and passionate about it. Before getting into rap in the sixth grade, Snoop used to play the piano and sing at his local church. This passion continued over his teen years and when he was 20, was discovered and featured on his first major album. Since then, he has continued to stay relevant and has released 19 studio albums. This steady and stable Taurus energy can be a contributing factor to this stable success for him.

Additionally, with his Uranus in the 6th House (of work and routines) this shows that there’s a desire for an unconventional routine. It’s also important that he has freedom from his co-workers or boss. A native with this aspect is craving being able to innovate and bring unique qualities into their everyday lives, including their workspace and life. Being in the field that Snoop is in, allows him to fulfill this desire for unconventional routines. Not to say that he doesn’t structure his time, but it can be much more at his own pace instead of a 9-5 kind of job.

Where Snoop’s Pluto is in his 6th House also shows a lot about his strong will and his ability to be in control in his work place. Having a strong presence in what he does and to those around him.

Snoop’s Sun in Libra was mentioned earlier slightly, but since it’s in the 6th House it’s important to also note that having some routine (within limits) is important to avoid being overwhelmed and maintaining that balance in his career and work life. He could also be prone to servicing others. This could apply to his ability to lead the way and influence so many other generations of rap that have come after him.

Having a Moon in Scorpio can show that he has deep, complicated feelings, and music can be just the right escape to help balance himself out. To create music of any type, it’s important to be able to tap into emotions that allow you to express what you’re feeling. With Mercury also in Scorpio, shows that Snoop thinks more than he leads others to believe. While he does seem very balanced, and mellow tempered - this isn’t to knock the depth at which he sees the world around him.

Soul Connection to Performing

With a North Node in the 10th House shows that from a young age, it was a natural instinct to want to make a name for himself with his talents. Given that he’s been participating musically for years, he’s aware of what he has to offer with his passions. However, there can be a struggle here to realize that he deserves to be professionally acknowledged here. Snoop’s South Node (indicator of past lives, and wisdom learned) is in Leo. This alone shows that he spent past lives as an entertainer. This could be another reason why he has a natural draw to this career from a young age and why he felt comfortable performing and sharing with others.

Starting in March 2021, Saturn transited Snoop's natal North Node. Being in the 10th House, this can show the energy that was felt (for about a year) was filled with karmic lessons revolving around his sense of authority and his desire to be professionally acknowledged. This can also show much growth in these areas of his life as Saturn is pushing him to trust himself professionally, to see that he deserves to be professionally acknowledged and that he deserves the success that he has in life. It can also be a time when he's stepping into being more of an authority. As Saturn can cause a lot of reflection on your life, this isn't always an easy time or transit though it's necessary for your soul to continue to grow and evolve.


While this article goes over the main points of career indicators and reoccurring themes in a chart and how they can show in one's life, there are many more areas of one's life that a chart can show. If you'd like to take a deeper dive into your chart, you can check out our Birth Chart Reading service below.



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