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Solar Eclipse in Libra: This is how your Rising Sign will be affected

The Eclipse season is once again upon us, with the Libra Solar Eclipse on the 14th of October starting it off. In this blog post, we will explore not only what a solar eclipse is, but also what this Libra Eclipse has planned for each Rising Sign!

Solar Eclipse

What is a Solar Eclipse?

Solar eclipses occur twice a year when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth. The upcoming one, scheduled for October 14, 2023, will take place in the sign of Libra and it will be in alignment with the South Node.

This presents a great opportunity to shed outdated aspects of your life, making way for new experiences. While it may not be a smooth journey, and there might be some chaos around you, the seeds you sow during this time will grow and thrive by the end of the Eclipse season, propelling you into the next chapter of your life.

This is how each Rising Sign will be affected by the Libra Eclipse!

Aries Rising

If you’re an Aries Rising, this Eclipse will fall into your 7th house of partnerships. Therefore, you can expect major events to happen in your love life or any kind of important 1 to 1 relationship. This can mean that you might meet someone new that brings a lot of potential for a future relationship.

If you're already in a committed relationship and things are going smoothly, this Eclipse might encourage you to take the next level in your partnership. However, if your current relationship is no longer serving you well, this Eclipse could lead to a breakup, paving the way for a fresh chapter in your life.

Taurus Rising

If you’re a Taurus Rising, this Solar Eclipse will fall into your 6th house of health, routine, and coworkers. This eclipse could prompt you to introduce alterations to your professional life, potentially reshaping the trajectory of your career.

Additionally, this period may inspire changes to your daily routine and well-being, whether that means embarking on a new diet, increasing your exercise regimen, or abandoning unhealthy habits.

Gemini Rising

Gemini Risings will experience this Eclipse in the 5th house of dating, creativity, children, and fun. There could be some ground-breaking changes in your creative projects - whether this means finalising an older project, reshaping a current one, or embarking on a new adventure.

You might also experience changes in your dating life! There might be someone new that sweeps you off your feet, or you might be saying goodbye to those situationships that are not serving your purpose. During this time some people might also find they are expecting a baby!

Cancer Rising

Cancers Risings will encounter this Eclipse in the 4th house, which pertains to matters of home and family. During this time, you may find yourself giving your house a makeover, infusing your living space with a new ambiance that better aligns with your current self.

There might also be changes in your living situation overall, you might be moving out of your current home, buying a new house, or having new people live with you. Changes with your family members may also occur. Reconnecting with your roots and childhood friends is likely to be a prominent theme during this period.

Leo Rising

For those with a Leo Rising sign, this Eclipse will take place in your 3rd house, which relates to communication and projects. You might consider adopting a fresh routine aimed at enhancing your efficiency.

If you are already working on a writing project, you might decide to make some changes to it. Alternatively, if you’re not working on one already, this time could be a great opportunity to start!

Virgo Rising

Virgo Risings will experience this eclipse in the 2nd house of finances and owned values. There might be a new chapter regarding your money and the way you make them. New sources of income might become available to you.

The way you handle your finances can also become more of a focus. You might learn to become better with your savings and accumulate more wealth in exchange.

Libra Rising

If you’re a Libra Rising, you are the main character of this Eclipse, which falls into your 1st house of self, personality, and appearance. You might be making changes not only in the way you look but also in the way you act. This evolution will be a positive one, leading you to become a better version of yourself and leading to a more successful life as time progresses. The spotlight will be on you!

Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Risings will experience this eclipse in their 12th house of mental health, karma, addictions, and hidden matters. If you’ve been grappling with some unhealthy addictions, such as alcohol, drugs or even eating too much sugar, this is the time to let go of these addictions.

Letting go of negative mental health traits, by doing activities such as therapy and meditation, can also pave the way for a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Sagittarius Rising

For those with a Sagittarius Rising sign, this Solar Eclipse will be positioned in your 11th house, which relates to networking, friendships, and aspirations. Expect shifts in your social life, as you could be parting ways with or joining new groups and organizations. During this phase, you might find yourself adopting a more sociable persona, attending more gatherings, and dedicating extra time to your friends.

Additionally, this could be an ideal opportunity to pursue your aspirations.

Capricorn Rising

Capricorn Risings will have this Eclipse in the 10th house of work, authority, and social status. This time can bring changes to your work life. You may find yourself climbing the career ladder or changing careers altogether. This transformation could bring increased job satisfaction, whether through improved financial gains or by following the career you've always aspired to.

Moreover, your dedication and hard work might also result in greater recognition and acknowledgment from your peers.

Aquarius Rising

If you’re an Aquarius Rising, this Solar Eclipse will fall over your 9th house of higher education, belief system, and traveling. You may find yourself embarking on a new educational project or you may enrol in a new course – anything that will allow you to expand your knowledge.

Traveling and exploring new places are also activities you may find yourself doing this time, the overall aim being to broaden your horizons both mentally and physically.

Pisces Rising

For those with Pisces Rising, this Eclipse will occur in your 8th house, which oversees finances, investments, and shared values. This period might prompt you to explore fresh avenues for investing your money and making strategic financial decisions. These moves could pave the way for increased financial abundance in the upcoming months.


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