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Taurus (April 20th - May 20th) The Evolved and Unevolved Traits

Happy Taurus season! Commonly known to be the most stubborn of the Zodiac signs. However, Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign that is ruled by the planet Venus. These qualities help bring Taurus down to earth to be a ground sign. Oftentimes, this sign is described to be rather calm, practical, resourceful, and stable. Due to their associations, they’re associated with a bull to match their strong and stubborn nature. However, if a Taurus is out of balance, it can be seen as slow, stubborn to a fault, and an indecisive sign.  Depending on where (and if) Taurus is in your big 6* in your zodiac chart, this can show up in different ways!

The “big 6” in Astrology refers to one’s Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, or Venus placement.

Taurus, represented by the bull in astrology zodiacs

Depending on if a native is evolved or unevolved within placements, these placements can show up in different ways other than the "standard" associations. Being evolved means that one is more grounded and "mature" in a certain area of life. While being unevolved means that one may be out of balance or have more growth to do in a certain area of life. 


The Ascendant (also referred to as one’s rising sign) is determined by the exact time that you were born. As this does change about every two hours, it’s important to have the correct, exact time! The time itself can help determine the degree of your Ascendant sign. The Ascendant is represented in your Astrology chart in your 1st House! The House of Self.

Evolved: There’s a deep desire here for Taurus to build security and stability. When evolved, this sign can achieve these wants/needs. Taurus understands how to goal set and build themselves up brick by brick. Here, you’ll also notice the small attention to detail that Taurus picks up on. This is a trait they’ll bring into all aspects of their life around them. Having this level of level-headedness helps take them far in life.

Unevolved: When Taurus is a bit burnt out or unevolved, they begin to handle life in a manner that is a bit too slow. They can get stuck in their ways or be too in their heads to go after what they want. It’s important to beware of the possibility that an unevolved Taurus Ascendant has to begin to value material objects (money) more than their relationships. 


The Sun in Astrology is seen as the center of everything, just as it is seen in our solar system! It represents your inner self, and can define aspirations and what you want from life. It can also be used to focus on the source of your vitality! Your Sun sign is determined by the day that you were born. 

Evolved: A sign of a happy Taurus Sun is when they seek out security, comfort, and activities that bring them pleasure (such as quality food and a good nap). It’s the little things in life that make this native happy. Taurus here can be extremely hard-working (almost to a fault) to provide their security, comfort, and to reach their goals. There’s a feeling of generosity and understanding in this placement as well. 

Unevolved: If unevolved, Taurus Sun can come across as a bit lazy and overly stubborn. There can be a hyper-fixation on themselves as well. Thinking often about their own needs, and placing fault on others in conflicting situations. When challenged on how they feel about a situation, they can often take this challenge as a personal attack on their being. 


The Moon in Astrology is what can show us where we are more emotional and where our needs are. It can also provide one with what their emotional wants and powers are. Knowing this can provide more insight into ways to strengthen ourselves emotionally and know what to be mindful of for improvement! Additionally, the Moon is one of the most important aspects for children, as it shows what they need the most. The Moon is determined by the precise location of where it was in the sky when you were born.

Evolved: Talk about a stable zodiac sign! When Taurus’ Moons are evolved, they are extremely stable and reliable beings. In this state of mind, they’re more at ease and willing to compromise and find common ground in disagreements. They’ll also be more open with emotions and seek out ways to find time with their loved ones. Spending quality time with loved ones is also a great way to remain grounded. Taurus has a way of bringing a very loving and comfortable presence to those around them in a calm manner. Taurus needs to be financially stable and this is more likely to be achieved when evolved. 

Unevolved: There could be a deep struggle for Taurus when there’s a change in their routine, plans, or relationships that causes them to act out of character. When unevolved, Taurus can be more prone to having lower energy levels that lead them to be unmotivated and not have a drive to do anything. They can also be very stubborn with a passion to always be right and will be relentless about it until the other person agrees. As this can be a more stubborn placement, Taurus does tend to hold grudges. 


The planet of communication, learning, and writing - anything that involves how the mind works! Since Mercury is closest to the Sun, it will also be in the same sign or within one sign away from your Sun sign.

Evolved: Taurus Mercurys naturally think slow and steady since they have a bias for stability. An evolved placement here learns well when there’s sensory activity or stimuli involved. When it comes to one’s thoughts, they remain grounded and practical. 

Unevolved: To avoid being put into uncomfortable situations, unevolved Taurus Mercurys can get stuck in their thoughts and not waiver. At times, they can be unwilling to hear what others have to say. When unbalanced, Taurus can take their time with their thoughts and vocalize them. 


The planet of love and femininity! In one’s chart, this can show how they go about romantic relationships, and how they express/see beauty and artistry. Venus is determined by where it was in the sky when you were born. Venus is in one zodiac sign for about 30 days before moving into the next sign. 

Evolved: It’s very important for Taurus Venus’ to be surrounded by things that bring comfort and security. When evolved, this placement can be in a very blissful state of mind due to this. Taurus Venus is also willing to share their sense of financial security with those they love, as a way of providing and taking care of them. Taurus Venus can be stubborn in love which can go one of two ways, the evolved way is sticking up and fighting for what/who they love. When evolved, this placement can feel very stable and loving. There will be a large amount of effort put into making sure that their partner is cared for in all ways with a lot of detail put into the “small things.” 

Unevolved: The other way that stubbornness can show that’s less evolved is by being too stubborn to give in to their partner and compromise. Even if it’s something small. As they’re ungrounded in this state (which is crucial for Taurus) they probably will have less of an interest in relationships and close connection overall, leading them to feel less inclined towards committed relationships.


Mars rules over masculinity in Astrology! This planet is all about taking action, being assertive, and one’s impulses. Similar to Venus, Mars is determined by where exactly in the sky it was when you were born. However, it usually takes about two months in a sign before it changes to the next. It also goes retrograde about every 26 months, which is why it’s important to know your exact birth time!

Evolved: Taurus is eager to get things done step by step in the proper way to get to the finish line most efficiently. Determination and strength are leading qualities that help push this sign forward. Mars in Taurus can efficiently see the road to their plans. 

Unevolved: As previously mentioned, when Taurus is unbalanced or unevolved, there can be a tendency to move slowly when taking action. This placement might even avoid thinking about a situation entirely, which only delays the thought process further. Once again, stubbornness can be the downside when unevolved. Taurus can refuse to bend when needed which can make them stuck in one place. 


Want to know more about how different signs show up in your chart and how to grow within them? Book a reading!

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