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Taylor Swift, her Songwriting, and Reputation

Starting a music career at age 14 isn’t something you hear about every day. The success that Taylor Swift has had is undeniable in her industry. From sold-out stadium tours, number 1 hits, and an extremely dedicated fan base - there’s one common factor to back these accomplishments. Swift’s perfectly crafted songwriting talent and storytelling ability that not only allows you within the depths of her mind, but that puts you within the song yourself! Feeling the emotions as if they are your own because of the clear pictures she paints through her words.

Though Swift has had an extremely successful career, this success didn’t come without a fair share of public judgment on her life. Many of these public judgments circle back to her reputation. Combining her talent in songwriting, along with the recurring themes of struggle with authority you can see where several aspects of Swift’s chart carry true and show in her life.


Looking at Swift’s Sun in the 12th House, this immediately shows us she's an individual who has a lot of depth. Being in Sagittarius makes her an extroverted, free-spirited soul who is passionate about exploring. In combination with each other, this makes Swift someone who loves to explore her emotional depth and psyche. Being in a situation where she has limitations put on her or having to be in situations where people are not honest can be very aggravating and against her instincts.

Sharing her truth directly with others is very important to Swift as she wants to be recognized as someone who is transparent in her relationships, and wants her honesty appreciated. This can be seen in Swift’s music. Swift is very open about what’s going on in her life and pulls inspiration often from events going on around her or from other stories she’s heard. This open communication can come off as blunt or having commitment issues (if unbalanced), which is where the media often pulls the narrative that “Swift will turn anything into a song”.

The sextile between Swift’s Sun and North Node further emphasizes her life focus, sharing her inner truth with others and exploring life. Having a North Node in Aquarius in the 2nd House emphasizes the need to build stability and strong self-worth in this life. With this placement, if Swift can avoid letting others define her worth and if she can form a stable life, this will be a form of self-love. From there, her happiness and financial stability will only continue to flourish as that’s what she’s meant to do in this life - thrive through her career. Starting a career so young in an unconventional field is very fitting for this placement and highlights Swift’s one-of-a-kind career.

Thoughts to Songs

With communication skills such as hers, looking to where her Mercury is will tell us more about how she thinks. It’s no surprise that her Mercury is in her 1st house in Capricorn. This intellectual approach to life is a natural instinct to Swift. Mercury in the 1st House is an indicator of being a great communicator and can be seen in individuals who are talented in public speaking and use their voices to send a powerful message. Swift’s music delivers messages on all topics. Past the narrative that she only writes about relationships, many of her songs are about self-empowerment, having control of your own life, and even some regarding modern political issues.

Being in Capricorn signifies that she loves to lead and has a communication style that demands respect. With lyrics such as “my words shoot to kill when I’m mad”, it’s safe to say that this Mercury in Capricorn energy is present in the way she vocalizes. Additionally, with the wide conjunction from Mercury to Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn, this makes her thought process unconventional, innovative, intuitive (Neptune energy) while still remaining practical and pragmatic (Saturn energy). This complex, intertwining set of energies comes up in her lyrics. Swift is able to call out people in her songs in a compassionate, yet eccentric way.

Having a 6th house ruled by Gemini shows her need to communicate and share her ideas within her work even more! Being a student of life, Swift has shared her experiences with the world through her music since starting her career by discussing events she’s gone through and the wisdom she’s gained through them. Swift’s Moon also being in the 6th House shows her emotional desire to be able to feel helpful, in her case through her music. This also is an indicator of finding emotional happiness through one's work environment. It’s important to note that this placement needs to be aware of being too hard on themselves at work. With her more than three-hour concerts on her latest tour that is perfectly designed to the smallest of details to match her music, overworking herself to be perfect could be taxing.

Swift has an emotional depth that allows her to see more in situations than what others may see. Jupiter in the 6th House highlights her want to uplift those in their work environment and be a mentor. As Swift has been known for her songwriting abilities, she’s also added to the industry in many ways. Demanding respect for female performers, and encouraging artists to own their music.

Professional Transformation

The last House we’ll look at to directly see the success of her career is the 10th house. In Swift’s 10th House in Scorpio sits her Pluto and Black Moon Lilith. Pluto, being the planet of transformation, rebirth, destruction but also success, being in this House is not surprising. This is a big indicator that she will grow as an individual through her professional relationship with authority figures. Having this placement can signify a lot of success but with the need to overcome being controlled by an authority figure.

This may sound like a familiar situation that played out between Swift and the owner of her previous record label. This struggle to own the rights to her masters made her further take her career into her own hands while speaking out about the mistreatment of artists. Through Black Moon Lilith in this placement, you can further see the challenges with authority that Swift has experienced in her career and the hurt that has come from it.

Work in Secret

Swift is known to hide many easter eggs for her fans, drop albums without notice, and be secretive about her future plans with re-releases of her albums and other music. Having a Mars in Scorpio shows her strong power to get things done but wanting to hide this power as she doesn’t want to expose her plans until they’re set in stone - while also having fun with her fans in the process keeping them on their toes guessing.

What's to come?

Now to look at Swift’s upcoming transits! Noticeably in Swift’s 1st House, Pluto transits her natal Venus until early June. Currently, this shows a big change in Swift’s love life. This transformative power could be bringing in a relationship that is more aligned with Swift currently. Additionally, there’s an opposition between the transit Pluto and transit Venus, which is in the 7th House of partnerships and 1 on 1 communication. This transit will further push out relationships that aren’t beneficial for one’s highest path currently by putting pressure on these situations.

Early May the transiting South Node is sitting on top of her natal Lilith in the 10th House. This can show in Swift’s life by leaving people behind who did her wrong in her career or moving past a negative situation from her past that has come back up temporarily. However, with the North Node in the 4th House during this time, Swift is continuing to focus on her top priority. Currently, that would be her home life and family growth.

With a Jupiter transit over the 2nd house, this shows that a very possibly abundant time for Swift is occurring. Being that she’s on one of the biggest American tours currently - that tracks! With a trine to her natal Moon, this signifies that emotionally she’s feeling great! Life is going well and Swift is riding the wave of that. This energy is full of optimism!


While this article goes over the main points of career indicators and reoccurring themes in a chart and how they can show in one's life, there are many more areas of one's life that a chart can show. If you'd like to take a deeper dive into your chart, you can check out our Birth Chart Reading service below.



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