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The Astrologically Supported Tour - The Eras Tour

On March 17th of this year, the most successful tour of 2023 started. The tour that crashed a website before even starting. The tour that had millions of fans head-to-toe in costumes to match Taylor Swift and her lyrics, countless beaded bracelets traded between everyone in the stadiums, and has brought a whole new level of concert entertainment to the stage.

One of the fascinating sides to astrology is the versatility that it has to be able to show aspects of many different types of charts, one being a chart of when an event started. The chart will be drawn up using a similar style as a natal chart - looking at the place, time, and date of when it started. While looking at charts for events like a tour starting, you can see all the same aspects that you'd see in a natal chart. You can see the success, struggles that may occur, the type of energy that the tour will bring, and more.

Pictured above is a snapshot of when The Eras Tour started back in Glendale, Arizona. This chart is astrologically and divinely coded with being a tour that is full of beauty, charisma, emotional depth and connection to others, abundance in finances, a place that is meant to be full of empowerment, and a strong purpose that emphasizes self-expression and sharing talents creatively with others.

Beauty, Grace, and Connection

The performances put on by Swift and her dancers, the sets, and the visuals used during this tour are full of beauty, elegance, and grace - nothing a Libra Ascendant wouldn't support. Libra Ascendant's have a strong instinct for harmony and balance. They are naturally physically beautiful and charismatic. This can be seen play out seamlessly during the 3 - 3.5 hour sets that are put on during each concert. Even during moments where mistakes may happen, they are played off with an ease and grace that Libra knows all too well.

As the North Node is conjunct Venus, this further drives home the importance of having The Eras Tour be elegantly coated in grace, good taste, beauty, and art.

Divinely placed, Venus in Taurus in the 7th House brings another layer of showing the beautiful relationships and partnerships that are being formed over the life of this tour. This could be between Swift and her fans, between the crew, the fans within each other, or a mix of all of the above. This placement also provides for much balance in these connections, Venus is the happiest after all in the 7th House.

With the Sun in Pisces in the 6th House, this shows that there's an ease with being creative and connecting emotions with this creativity. Watching Swift on stage, it's clear to see how this comes into play as there's such an emphasis on every detail of emotion that's set before the audience. The visuals also make it clear what's being conveyed emotionally before the crowd, through this, the crowd becomes enveloped in the feelings that are being pushed from the stage. Further than this, it can also show a dreamy, intuitive, and natural flow with the energy of universal love that is present during the tour. Within the stadiums, there is a strong sense of connection going between the fans, and their engagement with the performance that's taking place. This is a very ideal placement to have when looking to have a performance of any kind as it provides an ideal setting that feels like the vibes are perfectly crafted and supported by universal energy.

To go along with the Sun being in Pisces, so is Neptune. This is another indication of being universally supported and connected. This can further show a heightened intuition for those involved in this and an emotional depth in the workplace. As previously mentioned, The Eras Tour is far from lacking an emotional depth and connection. Additionally, this shows the importance of not neglecting any physical needs that come up over the duration of this tour. The Sun squaring Mars also aids in the physical strength needed and ability to work hard that's present throughout the duration of these sets. Pisces is also ruled by Neptune, making this a harmonious placement.

The Sun being conjunct Mercury with 0 degrees separating shows the extreme levels of creativity that are present. There's a strong theme of being able to express ideas and execute the artistic nature and messages that are trying to be shown during this tour. This is also a great aspect for performing artists on stage.


A reoccurring sentence that has circulated stadiums and the internet is "how safe everyone felt while at the concerts." This is easily a reflection of what Swift and her team had in mind for the experience of the concerts. A place where people can feel free and comfortable regardless of gender. A place where people can dress in any way that makes them feel happy, free and safe.

Looking to the Moon in Aquarius in the 4th House, this is indicative of a space that feels safe. A space that allows people to feel nurtured and seen. There's also an importance here that shows that it's important that everyone gets along, to create a very friendly and kind environment. Between trading bracelets, singing, and dancing with fellow concertgoers this ideal setting was achieved with how free people felt.

Having the North Node squaring the Moon with only a degree of separation also emphasizes the demand for emotional safety while in this environment on the tour. It's been seen from Swift that even while on stage, she's looking into the audience to see if anyone is in trouble or needs help. From here, she and her team work together while she's even singing to ensure that everyone is being cared for and treated properly.

There has been much said this year about 2023 being the year of the women due to multiple female artists bringing significant empowerment (and helping economies), along with movies, such as Barbie - Swift included. It's no surprise that there's a North Node conjunction with Venus in this chart. This brings an extreme level of feminine radiating power.

Deep Purpose and Lessons

Adding the touch of having a soul tie adds an extra personal connection to this tour. Looking to the South Node in Scorpio in the 1st House shows that there are previous lives (in this case, this could be in reference to previous tours Swift has done) tied to identity and self-expression. With this coming naturally, the audience is able to feel themselves throughout the course of the concert which spans 17 years. Many of the audience have special connections to these songs, in the same way that Swift does. Having the South Node here also signifies being known for intense and deep emotional experiences - which in short, summarises The Eras Tour for many. This placement also shows one who is humble and egoless. While being on top of her career, Swift seems nothing but proud of her tour and all who are a part of it. There's a level to the South Node in the 1st House that shows a mastered identity, which seems rather symbolic considering that it covers all (but one album) of Swift's 10 albums which she describes as eras of her life.

There's also a layer to this tour that is set in having a karmic lesson (looking at Saturn in Pisces in the 5th House) that allows for another level of fun to be had. The more relaxation, fun, and peace that's had while entertaining, the richer the ability will be. This could be directed at Swift, possibly in comparison to other tours she has done. In this tour, it's very easy to see the amount of fun that's had on stage, and the amount of pleasure there was in creating these sets and environment for the crowd.

With Mercury conjunct Neptune, this shows excellent intuition, mystical abilities, emotional sensitivity, and a very wide worldview. This comes into play in almost all aspects of this tour, ranging from it being worldwide, full of every emotion, and a very intuitive experience from Swift.


In astrology, one of the points to look at to show luck indicators is the Part of Fortune. In this chart, the Part of Fortune is in the 2nd House. This shows building wealth that has a deep and rich meaning in life. For this placement, the greatest fullfillment comes from knowing how to maintain personal integrity and from knowing what rightfully belongs to you. Over the course of this tour, Swift has been gaining back the music that belongs to her and claiming at it is solely her's on her Eras Tour. The greatest happiness and success come from being able to achieve inner strength and values that can't be altered by others in society. For this placement, being able to establish what's important will only bring in more financial abundance and luck. It seems that this intention was set before the tour started based on its recorded breaking numbers and sales.

Another great placement to look at for finances in astrology is Jupiter. Jupiter in Aries here in the 7th House shows that much abundance can come from contracts and partnerships. Keeping in mind what a tour is about and the amount of contracts that are signed during the process, this is a very plentiful placement.

With the MC line sextile Uranus with no degrees of separation, this gives people skillful and original behaviors to achieve their goals. The Eras Tour is full of originality, which furthers the success and accomplishments. Additionally, with the MC squaring Jupiter with a degree of separation, this shows that if there is a belief in the ability for success, this will help the growth of the tour greatly.


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