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The Astrology of Horror: Analysing Stephen King’s Birth Chart

The prolific work of Stephen King has earned him the title of ‘king of horror’, his work often leaving behind an audience of mesmerized yet terrified readers. His storytelling talent goes beyond creating a tense atmosphere as King’s ability to create realistic and relatable characters adds another layer of terror when things start taking a turn for the worst in his stories. 

But what can Astrology tell us about the talent and abundant success of the king of horror? From his literary gift to becoming a worldwide sensation, in the paragraphs below we will analyze the Birth Chart of Stephen King. 

Stephen King’s Birth Chart

the Birth Chart of Stephen King

Born on the 21st of September, 1947, in Portland, Maine USA, Stephen King saw the moonlight at approximately 1:30 AM according to Carole Hemingway who asked the writer about his time of birth upon meeting him at a book signing. 

The 29th degree and wealth 

Upon first look, we can see that King’s Ascendant is in Cancer, at the 29th degree. Whilst this degree is often associated with certain struggles when it comes to mastering the energies of the House it is in, the 29th degree is also known as the billionaire’s degree. Moreso, this degree is associated with the sign of Cancer, which coincidentally is the zodiac sign in question. While Stephen might face struggles with mastering his feminine energy and emotional needs, this placement shows us a glimpse into the financial potential he was born to accumulate.

The Cancer 29th Degree is not the sole indicator in his Birth Chart suggesting a life of affluence. His Saturn is in conjunction with the cusp of his 2nd House, associated with money and finances.

Another noteworthy aspect emerges with his Sun placement, the ruler of his 2nd House, harmoniously aligning with Venus. This alignment is enhanced by the positive energies of the Planet of beauty and love.

The 2nd House and how we make money

Furthermore, the House associated with finances and how we make money is the 2nd House. When we look at King’s 2nd House we can see that it is in the fiery sign of Leo, an energy of creativity and being in the spotlight. 

Things get even more interesting when we see that the ruler of his 2nd House, the Sun, resides in his 3rd House of communication, such as writing, speaking, editing, research, and translation. This shows us that he can accumulate wealth through his words, either written or spoken. While it is well known that his vast success was a result of his books, many don’t know that before becoming a writer, King was an English teacher, which resulted in him getting money not only via his written words but through his speech as well. 

The 3rd House of words

As mentioned previously, the 3rd House looks after the ways we communicate (amongst other things), and in Stephen King’s Birth Chart, we can see it is rather active. Here is the home of his Sun, Venus, and Neptune. But what does that mean? 

  • Sun in the 3rd House: With his Sun in the 3rd House, Stephen King has an active mind and a desire to be heard. This placement also shows a desire to shine through writing, publishing, traveling, and being an important person in his neighborhood. With both his Sun and the 3rd House starting in the Sign of Virgo, he has an analytical eye, always searching for perfection in his writing.

  • Venus in the 3rd House: The planet of beauty in his 3rd House shows us that his love language is mental stimulation. We see this translate in his romantic life through his marriage to Tabitha Spruce, a fellow novelist and philanthropist. 

  • Neptune in the 3rd House: Neptune, the planet of spirituality and dreams reveals not only his creative mind but also an ability to intuitively connect with his community. 

The 5th House of creativity 

In Astrology, the 5th House is associated with creativity, fun, and children, and by glancing over the Birth Chart of Stephen King we can see this is where his Jupiter, Moon, and South Node reside. 

  • Jupiter in the 5th House: Jupiter is the planet of abundance, expanding any placement in touches.  With Jupiter in his 5th House, this planet brings an abundance of creativity and the ability to entertain. 

  • Moon in the 5th House: The Moon is the planet ruling over our emotions, feelings, and core needs. It residing in the 5th House shows his emotional desire to create and perform.  He self-sooths through his writing and other creative endeavors. Furthermore, the Moon being in the scholarly sign of Sagittarius, shows his emotional need to teach, and share his truth, as well as to travel and explore the world. 

  • South Node in the 5th House: The South Node indicated the energies mastered in a past life, and with the South Node in his 5th House, this reflects a natural ability to create and entertain.

With his North Node, a person’s soul purpose, in his 11th House, his purpose is to transform his creative ideas into humanitarian visions. Stephen King has done so graciously through his philanthropic work, including million-dollar donations to libraries, local fire departments, schools, and a scattering of organizations that underwrite the arts. 

Moreover, given that his North Node resides in Taurus, Venus governs it. As previously highlighted, Venus is in conjunction with the Sun, and both celestial bodies grace his 3rd House of communication. This alignment suggests that he can fulfill his life's purpose through writing, and in turn, receive financial rewards. This is reinforced by Venus being in conjunction with the ruler of the 2nd House.

A taste for horror 

While his literary talent is unquestionable, some might wonder about his passion for horror. We can see glimpses of the reasoning behind his genre of choice scattered through his Birth Chart, more exactly through his Pluto aspects and 5th House zodiac sign. 

Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth transformation, and obsession is ruled by none other than Scorpio, the mysterious sign of diving deep, intuition, and intensity. By looking at the Birth Chart of Stephen King we can see his Pluto makes the following aspect: 

  • Pluto Sextile Mercury: This creates a broad sphere of interest, which includes magic, death, rebirth, and psychology. These are all prominent themes in Stephen Kings’ writing. 

  • Pluto Trine Moon: With Pluto forming a Trine with his 5th House Moon, he experiences emotions deeply and intensely, characteristics that bleed into his creative work. 

  • Pluto in the 1st House: This placement further defines his interest in topics such as criminology, psychology and thriller.

  • His 5th House is also a testament to his horror enjoyment, and this is due to his starting in the sign of Scorpio. This is a placement for those with an intense passion for creativity, who often find themselves drawn to disturbing and taboo subjects. 


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