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Tides of Transformation: An Overview of Saturn Transiting Pisces

While Saturn is the planet about where life teaches you lessons (karmically related), where you can be hard on yourself, and where you can find growth / abundance after working on yourself - having it in the Zodiac Pisces is an interesting placement as Pisces isn’t too serious of a sign. Pisces is known for its artistic, dreamy, head in the clouds, intuitive, and empathic energy. 

On March 7th, 2023 Saturn began transiting Pisces again, where it will stay until May 24th, 2025. Saturn orbits a Zodiac Sign for about 2.5 years at a time. With this placement, there are certain themes that we can see more prominently at the time. 

Naturally, Saturn can have a big pull towards society. During a Saturn in Pisces transit, we can see themes such as spiritual or religious movements being prominent, an increase in social justice movements and humanitarian efforts, heightened creativity (musically, artistically, theatrically, and in literature), environmental awareness, healthcare problems, and refugee crises. 

Historically speaking, when looking at the strong effects of Saturn in Pisces, the spread of Buddhism became prominent during the same transit. The abolitionist movement in the 19th century that was aimed at ending slavery and promoting equality, and environmental advocacy. The Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 that led to economic struggles. The Renaissance Period in Europe flourished with artistic and intellectual influences! This all took place in a Saturn in Pisces transit!

In Modern times, we’ve been able to see an increase in holistic approaches (spirituality, meditation, mindfulness, etc), an increase in empathy and a spotlight on humanitarian efforts, innovative developments artistically, the addressing of climate change, challenges in the healthcare system following the pandemic (including debates about health reform post pandemic), rise in conflicts amongst nations regarding control over land, media that focuses on spiritual themes, and a highlighted view on mental health. 

To have a more zoomed in focus of this Saturn in Pisces transit, we can look at what House Saturn is transiting in your chart to see what themes you may be experiencing more directly!

1st House

Since the 1st House is focused on yourself, your identity, and appearance - you may feel a strong energy that revolves around self-reflection, considering ways of improving yourself, and even focusing on your inner identity. Themes regarding spiritual growth could be more prominent at this time too. Feeling an inner pull towards exploring this dreamy aspect of yourself. Events that you could come up with during this time are regarding self-assessment of your own goals and what you want in life, that help guide you to a new feeling of purpose that is more aligned with who you currently are. This is the perfect time for embracing self-discipline! As you’re leaning in to who you really are now, you may find that you struggle to express what you’re thinking to others out of concern of self-doubt. 

2nd House

Finances, resources, and values! With Saturn transiting this House, you’ll feel an increase in energy directed at financial responsibility, and long-term planning for your abundance. You’ll notice events that revolve around reconstructing the way you look at your finances, and where you choose to spend/save. To best work with this energy, come up with a way of budgeting that feels seamless to you. Also, a great time to invest in resources that contribute to your long-term sense of stability. With the focus and concentration on your finances you may feel like you’re more stressed over this area of life. Trust your gut and everything will work out okay!

3rd House

Considering the focus on early education, communication, and learning this House holds - you’ll have to be sure that your communication is clear and honest during this transit. Lean into the focus on education and expanding your mental horizons! When looking at events that could come up, there could be more themes around conflicts with those around you (siblings) which encourages this energy of improving relationships. Your communication skills will increase too! Make it a point to prioritize good communication and allow yourself to say yes to these new opportunities coming into your life that allow you the mental growth your soul is craving now. With more communication, there can be more room for error. Give yourself grace as you’re navigating being more open. 

4th House

Allowing yourself to feel the energy of your home life, family, and roots at this time will feel natural with Saturn in the 4th House! You could be more focused on building emotional security, and a solid foundation at home. However, there could be many changes that come up regarding your home environment, or issues regarding your family. To help yourself through this time, make it a priority to nurture yourself! This could be a great time to address family issues, in a way that is patient and compassionate. It might be hard to set boundaries with family members, but oftentimes it leads to better and healthier relationships! 

5th House

The 5th House is the House of fun, creativity, and children! You may feel drawn to express yourself freely at this time. Lean into activities that bring out your inner child and make you feel more alive - more free! This transit offers a foundation for more self-expression and even romance for you. Put yourself in situations that help cultivate this child like wonder that is present. Explore, get your hands dirty, and listen to your soul. You may feel some resistance or self-doubt regarding your creative endeavors, but pushing through will ultimately allow you to feel happier! 

6th House

Focusing on health, service, and work - the 6th House transit will have you focusing on your well-being and your sense of responsibility. Challenges at work, and in health may be more prominent right now. This gives you an opportunity to address the ways that you can be taking care of yourself better and listen to your body for what it wants. It prompts productivity too! Keep in mind the importance of a work-life balance, and how attention to detail is important. The struggle here could be with feeling burnt out, which will only encourage self-care more. 

7th House

The House of relationships, love, and contracts! Finding stability in partnerships, greater commitment, and a strong desire for deep connections may feel natural right now. This could also be a time where you feel more struggles in relationships or in business. Consider your situation, and assess how it can become a healthier relationship. Prioritizing clear communication, and respect helps!    

8th House

With the 8th House being ruled by Scorpio, the themes present are around transformation, intimacy, and shared resources. There could be a stronger draw to deepening emotional connections, feeling intrigued by what comes next after life, life’s mysteries and introspection. This time could be encouraging you to address your trust issues. Lean into the vulnerability and allow your soul to guide you where it feels it needs extra love. You may be having more fears than normal regarding intimacy, closeness, and betrayal. Working through these problems head on is the most beneficial thing for your soul!

9th House

The House is all about higher learning, travels, and philosophy! There’s a strong need for spiritual exploration, intellectual curiosity and passions, and a sense to understand the truths around you. This brings themes about learning through higher education or learning something new, growth through travel, and following your dedications through. Embrace your natural curiosity at this time! Make it a point to prioritize your personal and spiritual growths, even when your belief systems may feel questioned.  

10th House

Career, reputation, and authority! Saturn transiting here brings the focus to your career path / advancement, becoming established in your career, and feeling driven towards your long-term goals. You could have challenges or changes in your career at this time, which makes you reassess your direction in that aspect of life all together. By allowing yourself to set realistic goals, you allow yourself a smoother road to achieving them. Despite struggles in your workplace, perhaps with a higher-up, don’t let the discourage you from following a career you are called for. 

11th House

The 11th House is the House that is focused on friendship, community and social networking. There’s a heightened sense of wanting to have meaningful, strong connections at this time. Also, you want to be able to come together without like-minded individuals to achieve a goal. The struggle could be that there’s tension or conflict in your social circles. This will push you to find people that you are more aligned with. Find supportive, healthy, and collaborative friendships! 

12th House

 All about spirituality, the unconscious mind, and your inner world! This transit energy here focuses on inner development, spiritual reflection, and a focus on wanting to confront your fears. Doing so allows you to elevate towards a higher version of yourself. Leaning into spiritual practice can cause some different events to surface in your life that makes you see things differently. This could be bringing up subconscious patterns to the surface and allowing the release of trauma. When facing emotions from the past, this can cause unsettling emotions to arise too. Make sure you have a good support group around you at this time while you work through these emotions.


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