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Venus Through the Houses

One of the beautiful things about astrology is how versatile and in-depth it can be. Within one’s natal chart (birth chart) you can see all types of areas in your life, such as your personality and interests, your career and what routines would be best for you to succeed, your family and home, your health (spiritual, mental, and physical), and your relationships (romantic and platonic).

When looking at the romantic relationship aspect of a chart, we look to the planet Venus. As many know, in Roman mythology, Venus is the goddess of love and beauty. In astrology, Venus is an indication of the same idea. Depending on where your Venus is located in your chart you can see themes that revolve around beauty, artistry, and love. It also can show how one approaches love, what their love language is, and even where they may find their partner. Let’s take a look at each House to see what your Venus shows about what you’re naturally drawn to and what would be a potentially good fit based on your natal chart!

Astrology chart with crystals Venus

What Venus Means in Each House

Venus in the 1st House

Having Venus located in this House can show that you are looking for a partner that values your approach to life, and beautiful aesthetics. You also look for someone who can carry their own weight when it comes to their aesthetics as well. As the first House is the House of self and appearance, having a partner who truly values you for everything about you (personality and looks) is also very important to you. You don’t want there to be any room for questioning that. Having a partner who is also very confident and doesn’t need constant assurance is also important as you are so confident in yourself.

Venus in the 2nd House

The second House focuses on money, possessions, and your own values. Money talks to you. You show your love with money and want the same in return. You have an eye for luxurious items and it’s important to you that you have a partner that can offer such gifts to you. Your partners may be more drawn to showering you with gifts with Venus in this House. You don’t necessarily need these gifts to be overly extravagant, but something that says your partner was thinking about you and truly knows what you like and dislike.

Venus in the 3rd House

If your Venus is in the 3rd House it’s crucial that you have a partner that can mentally stimulate you! You crave having a partner who’s intelligent, able to express their ideas and cares about the community around them the same way that you do. You want a relationship where there are many different aspects that are brought to the table by a well-rounded person. You may also notice that your relationships don’t fit in “standard” boxes and may be more unconventional.

Venus in the 4th House

As you’re someone who has a great love for your home and family - you need someone who can match this! Having a partner that will love your family like their own is ideal for you. It’s important to you as well that their family truly feels like family to you too. In a partner, looking for someone who wants to create a family is possibly the most important quality to you. With that comes having a partner who feels like home.

Venus in the 5th House

The fifth House is the embodiment of creativity, fun, children, and joy. Being able to express yourself, create, and share your entertaining talents with others is important to you! A partner that can match this level of passion, join in on your creativity, or have their own unique talents would be quite appealing to you. Even if they aren’t talented in these fields themselves, you just want to see that they’re willing to be goofy and embrace their inner child with you! It’s possible that you could meet your partner while you’re out doing something fun like being at a concert, checking out an art gallery, or diving deeper into hobbies that bring you happiness.

Venus in the 6th House

You love through helping others! While this is a great quality, it’s important for you to find someone who can return the same. You should feel just as special and loved as you make others feel! Your partner may be someone who’s very work-driven or someone that you end up meeting through your field of work. Having a partner that also understands how much emphasis you put into your work will make the relationship go smoother as well! They need to be able to push and encourage you at the same time.

Venus in the 7th House

The seventh house is a very favorable House for Venus to be in as it’s ruled by Libra (and Venus rules Libra). Venus here shows that you have very beautiful relationships and partnerships. You seek a partnership that is very balanced, the way that the scales are. Finding harmony, and peace within your relationship is the most important to you. You may often find yourself seeking a partner who is very attractive and cares about aesthetics in the same way that you do.

Venus in the 8th House

When you find yourself in a relationship, it will be a relationship that is full of intensity. This is ruled by scorpio and naturally will have some of that energy reflected into it. This can also be an indicator of marrying rich or building your own version of an empire next to the one you love. Having a partner that makes you feel seen and cared for will also make you fall harder for them.

Venus in the 9th House

The ninth House is all about international travels, being a teacher of life, loving higher knowledge, and being firm but open in your belief systems. Finding a partner that can compliment and highlight these qualities will truly make you feel alive. You want a partner who’s willing to pick up and travel anywhere and everywhere with you. It’s possible that you’ll meet your partner while being abroad overseas, or your partner could be from another country. It’s also important that they have a deep interest in learning, and wanting to explore other cultures with you.

Venus in the 10th House

With Venus in this placement, it’s likely that you often attract a love interest while at work, or maybe have a partner that influences the work that you do. Not to say that you don’t want a relationship, but it’s important to you that you’re able to build up your own career prior to settling down in a relationship. Similar to the sixth House, it’s vital for you to have a partner that encourages and celebrates your career success, goals, and endeavors.

Venus in the 11th House

The House of friends, networking, and hopes can show that you might meet your partner through mutual friends, or they could be someone that you’ve been friends with for some time. It’s important to you that your partner feels like your best friend before they feel like anything else in your life. As you can be quite sociable, you need a partner that understands these social needs and who also fits in with your friends and loves them like their own.

Venus in the 12th House

Loving another with Venus in this House can be more complex. You love others in quiet and may struggle to receive love as well. Finding a partner who takes their time to understand you and will patiently work on putting down your walls with you is an ideal kind of love for you. Since it can be difficult for you to truly feel loved, your partner will have to work very hard to convince you that their feelings are true with no strings attached to it.


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