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Wealth Indicators in Astrology – from Bill Gates to Jay-Z

Money, money, money, must be funny… to have Jupiter in your 2nd House. Don’t fret if you don’t though, there are plenty of other indicators in a person’s Birth Chart that can suggest they will have financial abundance. Here’s a list of Wealth Indicators to look after in your Astrology chart!

bill gates smilling

Planets connected to financial abundance

Jupiter – Abundance

Growth, expansion, and abundance are all traits of Jupiter, so the house the gas planet falls in will experience its energy. Moreover, Jupiter can reach its giving hand to other planets, forming ‘alliances’ or as astrologers like to call them, aspects, which can also show potential for wealth. Below we’ll be showing some examples of these aspects bringing prosperity to some of the world’s richest people.

Pluto – Strength

Powerfulness, strong will, and obsession are three traits people can use to describe the energies of Pluto. What’s even more powerful than that? A Pluto and Jupiter conjunction, which some people also call ‘the millionaire conjunction’.

Venus – Ruler of Taurus

While Venus is most associated with beauty and artistry, this planet can also bring financial stability in certain situations. As the planetary ruler of Taurus, 2nd Houses’ daddy and the sign whose primary domains are money and security, having a well-dignified Venus can help a lot when it comes to wealth.

Mars – Assertiveness

While on its own Mars is not associated with money, it is a planet that brings a lot of willpower, assertiveness, and drive to be successful. Conjunctions between Mars and other planets can be indicators of success in what the native does. For example, Mars and Moon conjunction indicated a person who is great at discussing their thoughts in an assertive way while also having awareness of other people's emotions in the process (a great leadership skill). Mars and Mercury is also a great example of a great leadership conjunction as those who have it, have the ability to express their words in an assertive way.

Houses connected to money and finances

When it comes to the Houses that have the highest connection to financial security, we will be looking at the succedent houses (2nd House, 5th House, 8th House, and 11th House) which are ruled by fixed signs and are connected to the energy of focus, progress and getting things done.

The 2nd House

The most well-known House that comes to mind whenever we talk about money is the 2nd House. Traditionally called, ‘the house of money’, the 2nd House is associated with the sign of Taurus, a fixed energy of focus, progression, and stability. It is the area of our chart that shows us how we will break the bank.

Furthermore, we look at our Birth Chart, the sign it falls in, as well as any planets that might reside in there, to show us what we can expect from it. For example, someone with Capricorn in their 2nd House can make money by starting a business or being in a leadership position, while someone with Virgo in their 2nd House, might want to choose a job where they can be helping others in fields like medicine.

However, as mentioned above, the planets that fall in our houses have a lot to say about how we will experience the events of the House. Below we have Bill Gates’ birth chart, which shows a great example of 2nd House placements that contribute to wealth.

birth chart of bill gates

The American businessman and co-founder of Microsoft has none other than the Pluto-Jupiter ‘billionaire conjunction’ in his 2nd House.

Furthermore, we can also see that his 2nd House is in Leo, an energy of assertiveness, creativity, ambition and leadership, many times associated with business.

Interestingly, his Mars is in conjunction with Mercury, and as mentioned above, that brings valuable assertiveness in communication which is a great trait for those in leadership positions.

The 5th House

The 5th House might not come to mind immediately when we think of money, however, this is the house of fun and lucky gains (associated with the energy of Leo). What do I mean by lucky gains, you may ask? Think money gained from gambling or any creative/fun endeavours such as singing, being on stage, acting, painting, etc.

A beautiful example of that is Jay-Z’s Birth Chart.

birth chart of jay z

Here we can see he has Mars the planet of assertiveness in his 5th House of creativity. Not only that, but Mars is forming a trine with Jupiter in his 2nd House, pointing towards financial abundance from creative endeavours.

Furthermore, his chart ruler and also the ruler of his 10th House is Mercury, an important planet for both his career and personal life. Mercury is forming a beautiful sextile with both Mars and Jupiter, which implies he can make money by using his words. And who's better at using words than a rapper?

The 8th House

The 8th House is a very complex house, which governs a multitude of life areas, one of which being shared resources. Whilst the 2nd House shows us the money we will generate on our own, the 8th House shows us the finances of other people that we’ll have access to. This can come from inheritance, loans, and the money of your spouse. Well-aspected connections between the rulers of the 8th and 2nd House can signify financial abundance coming towards the native.

Below we have a wonderful example of that, Paris Hilton’s Birth Chart.

birth chart of paris hilton

Firstly, we can see the ruler of her Cancer 8th House is the Moon, which is also residing in her 8th House. Then, if we look at her 2nd House in Capricorn, we know that the ruler is Saturn. If we have a look for the ruler in her Birth Chart, we can see that it’s situated in her 10th House of work and public recognition, and it’s making a beautiful sextile with her 8th House Moon.

Furthermore, Paris has a beautiful stellium in her 2nd House (as well as her South Node), which indicates a natural flair for making money and handling her finances wisely.

The 11th House

Lastly, we will look at the 11th House which can show us the earnings we make from careers, as well as goals we can achieve with the help of others (as it is the house of networking).

Those in the public eye might find themselves having 11th House placements, as in many cases, the right connections can contribute to it. Those who have a strong desire to change the world or are altruistic also have placement in the 11th House (due to the association with Aquarius). In fact, many politicians will have these placements, from Bill Clinton (11th House Pluto and Sun) to Benjamin Franklin (11th House Sun and Mercury). And inevitably, success and spotlight in the public eye usually come with financial benefits.


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