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Your soul against society: How the world can make achieving your soul purpose harder.

A common topic for us Personal Astrologers, no matter whether we practice traditional or modern Astrology, is to identify a person's soul purpose. This is one of the highest values to be obtained from a birth chart reading, as you finally receive validation and clarity around why you are here on Earth and how you are going to find soul fulfilment in the most natural way.

woman in golden field, raising her hand sin the air and facing towards the sky

However, it's no secret that life's journey is far from a smooth sail, partly due to societal influences.

Imagine life as a voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, with each of us as a vessel. The size or sturdiness of our boats matters little; what truly counts is the ever-present wind, guiding us closer or farther from our destination. Our boat symbolizes our soul's journey in this human existence, and the destination is our soul purpose. Along the way, the currents we encounter represent other people, our environment, and society at large.

At times, these currents propel us forward toward our purpose, carrying us to the other side of the ocean. Yet, there are moments when they push us backward or sideways, creating obstacles. Nevertheless, understanding the origins of these currents and staying attuned to our destination allows us to chart a course and remain aligned with our intended path.

In this article, we explore each North Node position in your birth chart, unraveling the unique purpose it beckons you to fulfill. We also examine prevalent societal beliefs that may challenge your journey toward fulfilling that purpose.

Finding your Soul Purpose in the Birth Chart

First, you will need to generate your birth chart. I prefer Astro Seek, which you can access here. Input your Birth data and look for the following symbol in your chart:

a birth chart with the north node symbol circled in red. the north node falls in the 2nd house.

Identify the numbered section the North Node falls in. That will represent the house number it is in. In the example above, the North Node falls in the 2nd House.

North Node in the 1st House

With the North Node in the 1st House, your purpose is to find your own path in life where you prioritise your needs before those who demand your energy for granted. You may feel comfortable compromising for the needs for others, as peace and harmony feels comfortable to your soul. However, your path is to step into the shoes of a leader, to be more assertive, independent, and to make sure that any partnerships you form or any contracts you sign honour your own energy rather than take advantage of it.

Society here can negatively contribute to your path when it tells you to stay in connections where you are not equally valued. "Don't get divorced, it's a sin", or "Just listen to your husband and do whatever it takes to honour the other (at the cost of yourself)" are common sayings that society push onto natives with this placement.

If your soul shines more outside of the partnership you're in or if worse, your partner displays toxic tendencies that are irreparable, your soul fully wants you to pursue the path of independence and self-respect, as it's your mission to recognise where you need to start saying no and find your own path.

North Node in the 2nd House

With this placement, your soul's mission centers on attaining stability and security in life while nurturing strong values of self-love and self-respect. It's possible that you've previously made sacrifices or undergone significant cycles of transformation and rebirth. Your soul is intimately familiar with the energies of change and suffering, and at times, it may even find comfort in perpetual self-sacrifice rather than seeking security and calmness. In today's world, this sense of security often equates to financial prosperity.

However, society often casts judgment on those who pursue wealth and luxury. Phrases like "Live a modest life" or "You should feel guilty for being privileged when others are not" reflect societal beliefs that may challenge your path. Yet, it's crucial to stand firm in your pursuit of security and prosperity, as long as you acquire it through ethical and principled means. There should be no shame in desiring financial success, whether it means becoming a millionaire, receiving external financial support, or achieving wealth. This aspiration aligns with your soul's desire to experience this aspect of life.

North Node in the 3rd House

If your North Node is situated in the 3rd House, your primary mission revolves around sharing your wisdom within the communities you engage with. It's crucial to actively contribute by imparting your knowledge while also being receptive to learning from others. Various avenues can help you harness this energy, including activities like writing, journalism, publishing, and social media. Alternatively, you can achieve this purpose by participating in local community initiatives or teaching others what you've acquired.

In the face of common discouragements like, "Many aspire to be writers, but success is elusive," or "Maintaining a community is challenging; you'd be better off pursuing something else," it's vital to recognize the intellectual contributions your soul can make. The value you offer aligns with people who share similar interests. Thus, it's essential not to stifle your voice or ideas, even when faced with opposition. Over time, your persistence in sharing will yield rewarding results.

North Node in the 4th House

Home, family, and tradition are at the core of your soul purpose if you have a North Node in the 4th House. Your soul is comfortable with the idea of career success and recognition, as well as you being a figure of authority that is respected and seen. However, in this life you are pursuing a more introspective path - where you define your ideal home, family, and find comfort in your own secure space.

This is one of the most difficult placements to pursue due to the society pressure of "what success truly looks like". We are led to believe that we need to be rich, the leaders of a company, contribute something significant to society, or at least have a respectable altruistic job such as a doctor to be called successful. However, this is a lie we are told to contribute to the economy of our countries, and many times, to work for other people in their own baths of becoming rich. It's important to recognise your soul does not wish to hustle. You can, but you don't have to. It's more important for you to develop your empathy, intuition, nurturing capabilities which will be reflected in your loving home that you create.

There are, however, many people who are professionally successful with this placement. True soul success though comes when any resource is directed back to their home and family, and the refinement of their internal values.

North Node in the 5th House

I love this one because every time I talk to customers who have their North Node in the 5th House, they have an internal knowing that life is meant to be easy-going and fun for them. And it's true!

With a past of helping society, being charitable, and focusing on innovation and creating for the benefit of others, this life is fully centred around exploring the fun, passionate, creative energy of life. You will find fulfilment in activities such as dancing, singing, performing, or any creative craft, as well as in fun interactions with children. Your creativity is meant to be explored in this life to its fullest, but the end goal is for you to enjoy the fruits of your labour. You may date, take risks, show your creations to the world to applaud you. Some people even win the lottery with this placement. The key is to take healthy risks and have fun.

Society may go against you by telling you it's selfish or irresponsible to live a fun life. You need to grind, create something that serves society. Their life isn't fun so why should yours be? They may also tell you it's hard to earn a living by doing something you enjoy. Whilst that may be true for them, you can always find a way to monetise your talents and youthfulness. Life should be fun!

North Node in the 6th House

When your North Node is in the 6th House, your purpose is to become more analytical and introspective, and to direct your findings in a service-oriented way. You are called to pay attention to matters of routine, health, and wellbeing, as well as to live life in a more mundane and organised way.

Society usually supports these values as we are told to care about our health, to form a routine, and to pay attention to our daily routine. However, there are many folks who preach following your gut blindly. "Don't like your job? Leave it now!", "Don't like someone? Listen to your gut and leave them!". Whilst these may sometimes be the right decisions, you are meant to live life in a more analytical way where you look at the data available to you and make decisions based on both your logical findings and intuition.

North Node in the 7th House

For those whose North Node resides in the 7th House, life's journey steers you toward an exploration of the significance of partnerships. The message is clear: you don't have to navigate existence in solitude. In fact, having a compatible partner by your side can significantly ease your path, provided you both complement each other and engage in respectful collaboration.

Yet, in some aspects of life, there's a prevailing admiration for self-reliance. The image of being powerful and resilient is often associated with not seeking help, which might lead you to dismiss the idea of forming partnerships when faced with challenges. Additionally, clichés such as "You don't need anyone else to be happy" can deter you from embracing the concept of partnering with others in various life endeavors.

The 7th House symbolizes both romantic and platonic partnerships, urging you to discover the strength of compromise and the value of accepting assistance from your partner. It's essential to recognize that the end result can be far more potent when you choose to collaborate rather than go solo. Remember the example of Brexit? Despite the UK's significant contribution to the Union, the country's economy experienced a decline after departing. This serves as a reminder that sometimes, the collective strength of partnership can yield greater outcomes than individual efforts.

North Node in the 8th House

If your North Node is placed in the 8th House, your life's journey is all about discovering your inner strength and power. It's an opportunity for you to recognize your inherent abilities. In a past life, you may have experienced a sense of security that shielded you from life's ups and downs, making it less common to reinvent yourself or tap into your inner potential.

In society, some religious leaders may suggest that negative life events are divine punishments for past or current life sins. However, this notion can be detrimental to one's mental well-being and doesn't align with the lessons associated with your North Node placement.

When you encounter significant life changes or challenges, the purpose isn't to make you suffer. Instead, these experiences offer a chance for you to harness your inner strength, heal, and use the lessons learned as tools for greater success. If life appears to hinder your progress, it's actually presenting you with an opportunity to explore your untapped potential. This process can be more challenging when you're stuck in a stable, routine life, so embracing change and transformation is key to fulfilling your purpose.

North Node in the 9th House

This placement reflects your soul purpose to grow, travel, live internationally, or acquire wisdom in any form or shape possible. This often implies living the familiar world to study a topic in-depth or to live in another country.

Traditional communities will tell you "don't leave home, there's no other place like home". Family may also tell you nowhere else will give you the same love they provided for you. That no one will help you in another country, and "what if you don't like it?". Whilst all of these are realistic and possible scenarios, you will, in fact, find yourself empowered when you explore new environments. You will find it empowering when you develop your own life philosophy - but it's necessary to get our of your comfort zone to be able to experience new energies, philosophies, and experiment with this new information to create your own wise conclusions.

North Node in the 10th House

As with the 6th House North Node, society is quite supportive of this purpose. As the 10th House represents authority, career, and public recognition, you are naturally encouraged to aim high with your career goals and to do everything necessary to obtain the highest roles and recognition.

However, because you already feel so deeply that you need to be successful and because impostor syndrome is a predominant energy within you, it can feel very pressurising to see success stories of others and to believe you are failing. Natives with the North Node in the 10th House often see the stories of other professionals and the list of things they achieved, which combined with their inner soul experience, they will naturally compare themselves and be disheartened by their own progress.

It's important to remember that you make your own legacy, and that doesn't have to look like other people's. Avoid comparing your story to that of other people's. You are not an impostor, you are the maker of your own legacy. You make the rules as to what that legacy is and how and when you will leave it in the world.

North Node in the 11th House

With this North Node placement, your purpose is to socialise, connect with others as much as possible, and to share your creative ideas with the world. Innovation and idea-sharing is at the core of your path, and you have tons of past life experience nurturing your creativity to contribute to the world.

The problem most innovators encounter is that rarely are their ideas appreciated and seen as valuable. People are wired to dismiss new things because it's more comfortable to follow an existing recipe. Remember when Steve Jobs first announced the iPhone? It was the very first time a tech company was brave enough to come up with a phone that had only one button and a giant touch screen. Most companies laughed at Apple's innovation, insisting consumers' real desire is to have a phone with buttons and that the touch screen would be hard to use for a customer that was used to the then conventional buttoned phone. It was only after they saw the market was swayed by this idea when they started making their own touch-screen phone versions.

Be brave to share your ideas, others will be inspired by them and you can make a huge impact too.

North Node in the 12th House

Finally, we return to the 12th House. The North Node in this house speaks of a purpose of introspection, understanding your own psyche as well as the unseen energetic world around you. You will find purpose in working with your own energy with the purpose of healing and nurturing your soul, as well as in helping those who suffer. Some folks with this placement feel drawn to work with prisoners, homeless and mentally-retarded people too.

There's many ways in which society can make your soul work harder. Firstly, society puts more importance on physical results, and rarely value or measure the importance of nurturing the aspects we do not see. "You need a mental health day? So you are not physically sick.". "You do Reiki? How do you know it actually works?", or "You work with prisoners? Hm.". We as people are told to give more importance to physical evidence, and to care about people and situations that are productive and directly contribute to the wellbeing of the society. However, these hidden aspects of life also need to be dealt with, even though their impact is harder to measure.


Life's journey can be challenging, especially with the myriad societal factors that shape our experiences and perspectives. We often place importance on societal beliefs, as we are integral parts of these societies, and our sense of personal security often hinges on their acceptance.

Interestingly, some of the societal beliefs mentioned above seem to contradict one another, highlighting the inconsistency even within society itself. It underscores the importance of standing firm in your own path and following what aligns with your values. Additionally, it's crucial to identify and shed unhelpful beliefs that you may have inherited from society. By doing so, you can clear the obstacles from your personal path to success, ensuring that you remain true to your soul's needs.

You can learn more about your particular purpose in an in-depth analysis of your chart. For this, check our Birth Chart Reading services below:

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