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Aries (March 21st - April 19th) The Evolved and Unevolved Traits

The first sign of the Zodiac, Aries! Also known as the ruler of the first house. Aries is a cardinal fire sign that is represented by the ram! This means that they have a great drive to start new things (as they also start off the season of Spring) which makes Aries a natural-born leader! This zodiac has a high emphasis on being a leader, having great ambition, being passionate, and being assertive. Aries' drive gives them the push to chase their dreams and the determination to achieve them! With all of the qualities that make them driven (and with coming first in the Zodiac), it’s no surprise that they’re so competitive and like to be number one! Depending on where (and if) Aries is in your big 6* in your zodiac chart, this can show up in different ways!

The “big 6” in Astrology refers to one’s Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, or Venus placement.

Aries, the ram constellation

Depending on if a native is evolved or unevolved within placements, these placements can show up in different ways other than the "standard" associations. Being evolved means that one is more grounded and "mature" in a certain area of life. While being unevolved means that one may be out of balance or have more growth to do in a certain area of life.


The Ascendant (also referred to as one’s rising sign) is determined by the exact time that you were born. As this does change about every two hours, it’s important to have the correct, exact time! The time itself can help determine the degree of your Ascendant sign. The Ascendant is represented in your Astrology chart in your 1st House! The House of Self.

Evolved: It’s very instinctive for Aries' to have their first reaction to life to lead with a passionate approach. At their peak, Aries will use all of their drive, passion, and assertion to formulate their goals and achieve them. There’s a level of Aries that can even incorporate creative ideas/thinking into their decisions when they’re involved. 

Unevolved: If Aries is unevolved, their first reactions to life can come off as aggressive due to irritation from confusion or fear of the unknown. This is where the stereotype of Aries having a bad temper can come in. The impulsivity aspect can also be heightened in a way that isn’t beneficial for the native. It can also be seen that Aries may have an attitude as if their thoughts/feelings are the most important above others. 


The Sun in Astrology is seen as the center of everything, just as it is seen in our solar system! It represents your inner self, and can define aspirations and what you want from life. It can also be used to focus on the source of your vitality! Your Sun sign is determined by the day that you were born. 

Evolved: Aries Suns have a passion to thrive in life! Their assertiveness and ability to lead will take them far. When evolved, you’ll notice there’s a strong desire to live a full life and go after what they want!

Unevolved: When unevolved, Aries Suns may come across as impulsive and aggressive as they struggle to control their actions. In search of feeling alive, they make some shocking, more far out there decisions. 


The Moon in Astrology is what can show us where we are more emotional and where our needs are. It can also provide one with what their emotional wants and powers are. Knowing this can provide more insight into ways to strengthen ourselves emotionally and know what to be mindful of for improvement! Additionally, the Moon is one of the most important aspects for children, as it shows what they need the most. The Moon is determined by the precise location of where it was in the sky when you were born.

Evolved: Aries will find much emotional fulfillment through setting goals and achieving them. Especially when written out and they can track their progress and see themselves get closer and closer to their end point. An evolved Aries is very hardworking and can tend to base their overall success on what they’ve achieved. There’s an emotional desire to always be on the move with this placement and a deep sense of independence that’s necessary. 

Unevolved: Once again, the aggressiveness of Aries could be seen here. Aries could be quick to temper and blow up without consideration of the situation as a whole or the other person’s feelings in general. It may be hard to get a read on an unevolved Aries’ emotions overall as they could change frequently and on a whim. When Aries is in this kind of state, you could notice that their competitiveness and soul need to win/be right goes up significantly. Aries’ Moon when unevolved also hates being tied down. 


The planet of communication, learning, and writing - anything that involves how the mind works! Since Mercury is closest to the Sun, it will also be in the same sign or within one sign away from your Sun sign.

Evolved: As Aries is a quick sign that’s assertive, it’ll be noticed that they have a quick mind as well! An evolved Aries Mercury will seek out opportunities where they can use their quick thinking. Commonly, they will also be drawn to adrenaline-seeking activities. There’s a wit to these signs that has a bit more spice than others! This placement is very versatile and able to make themselves known in many different situations when speaking to others. 

Unevolved: When speaking to an unevolved Aries Mercury, you may feel as if they’re being aggressive when conversing with you. This is a placement that would struggle to have a civil confrontation or disagreement with you, as they would be quicker to snap or get upset. This sign could also make you feel inadequate when speaking to them, or as if they’re speaking down on you when unevolved. 


The planet of love and femininity! In one’s chart, this can show how they go about romantic relationships, and how they express/see beauty and artistry. Venus is determined by where it was in the sky when you were born. Venus is in one zodiac sign for about 30 days before moving into the next sign. 

Evolved: When evolved and in a connection that they truly value, Aries Venus is willing to give in and truly be a partner, instead of coming in fiery and dominating a situation. When evolved, Aries Venus is extremely present, committed, and loyal to their partners. They offer much attention to what they value (including their partner) and are very dedicated to making sure that whatever plans are made, are followed through with. 

Unevolved: If unevolved, Aries Venus can come off as a bit self-involved. There’s a stronger value for passion and impulsivity over harmony here. The impulsivity here could come at the expense of their other relationships. Aries Venus when unevolved could lack empathy for their partners and struggle to show a deeper sense of care. This strong sense of stubbornness can also come off as self-involved. 


Mars rules over masculinity in Astrology! This planet is all about taking action, being assertive, and one’s impulses. Similar to Venus, Mars is determined by where exactly in the sky it was when you were born. However, it usually takes about two months in a sign before it changes to the next. It also goes retrograde about every 26 months, which is why it’s important to know your exact birth time!

Evolved: There is no hesitation and nothing that could stop this placement from going and getting what they want! When evolved, they’ll use their qualities to get the best results and will be very disciplined in all areas of life. 

Unevolved: Due to their intense, go-getter personality, Aries Mars can come off as aggressive to others. In this position, Aries can seem reckless and quick to anger with little thought of the consequences. You may also notice in this placement, your energy levels go down quicker when unevolved. 


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