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Understanding the Impact of Transit Pluto on Natal Planets: A Journey of Transformation

Despite the science community dismissing Pluto as a major planet in 2006, Astrologically Pluto still holds a strong level of importance. 226 years later, Pluto moved into Aquarius again on January 20th, 2024. You may find yourself asking why this is important or not thinking much of this. However, this is quite a big deal. 

Pluto - Astrology planet

Starting with some basics – Pluto is the planet of rebirth, transformation, strong will, powerfulness, and obsession. Aquarius is a zodiac sign that is known for its unconventional, humanitarian, unique, and innovative ways. Combining these qualities from Pluto and Aquarius, in itself, is very interesting and intense. With Aquarius being so open to change, and Pluto being rooted in transformation, this brings quite an energy of an awakening. You could even describe this as a “death and rebirth” time as well. Even though Pluto will only stay in Aquarius until September 1st of this year, this energy will still be prominent over the next two decades. 

For further perspective, the last time that Pluto was in Aquarius (in 1778 - 1798), the world saw some major events and changes happen. The American and French Revolutions and Irish Uprising took place during this time. This was clearly a time when people had enough, demanded to be heard, and for change to take place. 

By looking at where this Pluto transit is aspecting planets in your own natal chart, you can see how this specifically will affect different areas of your life.

The Sun

When Pluto transits your natal Sun, this is a major Astrological event that shows a profound transformation in your life and personal growth. You may feel like there are parts of your life that are completely going through a rebirth - particularly in your ambition, ways of expression, and power dynamics. During this time, you could have deep self-realizations where you will be letting go of the parts of yourself that no longer serve you. This transit can lead to a rebirth in the way that you come out stronger than you were prior. Looking at where Pluto influences in your chart, can show which areas of life you can expect this change - career, relationships, business, etc. Embrace this change and be open to letting go of old versions of yourself!

The Moon

This transit particularly shows an intense period of your life where you may feel deeply affected in your emotional life, inner self, and sense of security. These intense emotions could also cause changes in your home or family life. If Pluto is conjunct with your Moon, this is a time for deep emotional healing. You’re now being encouraged to acknowledge and release past traumas in order to achieve the deep level of personal growth and transformation that is being offered in this transit. When you learn to “roll with the punches,” you’ll have an easier time going forward with these life changes. This would also be a great time to start therapy if that’s something you’ve been considering. 


During this transit, you’ll find that the way you communicate your emotions, ideas, and thoughts is quite different. This will lead to you having to find new ways and avenues to do so. Expand your ways of communication by rebuilding your foundation. The combination of these two planets can intensify your mental processes and push you to seek deeper truths. This could be a time where you become very focused on uncovering truths and the way you communicate may be more intense with a purpose for doing so. It’s possible to have struggles communicating with others during this time as well. Now is a great time to investigate, research, and look further into topics that interest you! Remaining open to others’ ideas will help you avoid unnecessary conflict. 


Ahh, the planet of love! Pluto transiting Venus brings a time of transformation and change in the aspects of your life that revolve around love, relationships, and aesthetics. You may also find that the way you value things or what you value, could change during this period. When there’s a conjunction, this could bring deeply transformative relationships/connections in your life. There might be struggles for power or jealousy that are brought up. Use this time to consider what it is that you want from your relationships! 


Mars, the planet of action, desire, and masculine energy combined with Pluto can often bring change regarding your desire for control, assertiveness, and confrontational approach to life. This could be a time that includes more conflict as well. During this time, you’ll see big changes in the way that you go about achieving your goals, and express feelings of anger or assertion. Obstacles may start standing in your way more frequently during this time, testing the way that you persevere. This will overall improve your ways of being determined. Your ambition is unmatched as you push through to transform your life. Productively use this energy and avoid self-destructing behaviors!


Given that Jupiter is the planet of expansion, luck and where we are wise - coming into contact with Pluto brings a profound transformation in your beliefs, understandings, and how you see abundance. This can also challenge the ways of your philosophy and ethics, providing growth and change where needed. If you notice personal or spiritual growth during this time, it’s common! While you will have intense experiences to push your beliefs beyond what they currently are, remain open to change. Allow your view of the world to change, as things aren’t always what they seem to be. 


This aspect has a prominent ability to transform your structures, responsibilities, and foundations in your life. You may feel challenged in your discipline, authority, and the way that you follow through with obligation and responsibility. The combination of these two planets can lead to shifts in how you handle the life structures you’ve built. These foundations of your life are subject to huge change. This can change aspects regarding your career, responsibilities, and goals. This is meant to bring in significant growth while you learn lessons revolving around rebuilding on authentic or solid foundations. 


Uranus is the planet of where we are unique and rebellious - making this aspect very complex and interesting. Unexpected changes in your individuality, freedom, and the way you initiate change. You’ll begin seeking freedom much differently than you have previously. Sudden change is coming with this transit. It’ll alter the way that your individuality is expressed. It can lead to changes in your social circle too. Let go of old patterns of what you thought were independence and freedom, and make room for a new way of going about life that is more aligned with the current version of you. 


This is such an exciting transit if you’re interested in the spiritual realm or psychology! Pluto transiting your natal Neptune means that you’ll be deepening your interest and understanding of the unseen aspects of life, the other side of our world. Additionally, there will be an emphasis on your spiritual experiences and revolve around letting go of beliefs that are limiting to your spiritual thoughts. Lean into the spiritual transformation that’s being offered at this time. You may find that you’re getting ideas regarding a change in your reality as you know, and being more interested in the subconscious mind. Facilitate a space for yourself at this time that allows you to open yourself to this growth. 


 This is a strong theme of transformation! This reflects societal shifts that you’ll feel heavily in your personal life. This is a truly rare event to have happen. You may be deeply engaging with issues regarding power, control, and trying to rebuild areas of your life where Pluto rules in your chart. This transit goes hand in hand with significant life changes that are very transformative for you! Fall into Pluto’s ways of death and rebirth during this time. 

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