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Nurturing the Fire child: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius placements

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Raising a child is one of the hardest yet most rewarding parts of life. It's natural to want to do a great job at it and help our babies reach their highest potential.

At Astro Lorena, we work with parents and use their children's charts to understand the children's natural inclinations and needs. In this article, we'll discuss the most important indications for children who have fire placements in their Big 6 (the Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars).

Check your child's chart here and take note of the zodiac signs that appear in their Big 6. If they have fire placements (shown by red symbols on Astro Seek), keep reading!

A list of planets and the zodiac signs and houses the fall in.
an example of table showing the ascendant in virgo and ds


Aries in your child's Big 6

An Aries child has a primal, instinctive desire to lead, experience intense emotions, and exercise their physical and mental capabilities to the maximum. They may sometimes show a careless disregard for rules due to their impulsiveness. They will be active, passionate, and sometimes loud in expressing themselves, which is why they may sometimes appear undisciplined or "too much."

However, nurturing an Aries child involves understanding and supporting their need for action that matches their adrenaline levels. Take them to activities that involve lots of physical movement, adrenaline-driven activities, or activities that require quick actions or impulses. Fun parks, sports fields, and karting tend to be favorite picks for them.

You can also get them to listen by giving them quick options to follow or adding a sense of urgency to instructions when they don’t want to listen. Small and fun challenges like "Can you take out the trash and come back in 90 seconds?" or "Race me to the car, now!" can bypass their tendency to say no and trigger their instinct to win. Where there is a challenge, it must be won!

Secure Aries children grow up to have great instincts and action-oriented attitudes, making them excellent leaders! While patience may not be their highest virtue, other placements in their Big 6 may tone this down.


Leo in your child's Big 6

Leo children, or shall I say "the regal children," are born with a great desire to bring sunshine into the world. They thrive when they can uplift others with their smiles, presence, and creativity, but are also deeply hurt when they feel unimportant, misunderstood, or criticized.

Leo children are nurtured when they are seen and appreciated as they are. Praises are, of course, welcome, but simply responding to their efforts to brighten your day will be very appreciated. They also thrive in creative and performative activities such as singing, acting, and dancing. They tend to feel hurt when people are rude or criticize them, especially when they feel their intentions haven't been acknowledged or validated. Therefore, parenting a Leo child often involves recognizing their efforts and positive intentions before delivering constructive criticism or discipline. If they feel that receiving criticism and discipline is part of their journey to becoming better, rather than an attack on their character, they respond very well to such feedback.

Secure Leo children often grow into generous, loyal, and creative adults who love the idea of making the world a better place. However, they can only do so when they feel seen and like they shine in the first place, so highly critical environments may always be a tough challenge for them.


Sagittarius in your child's Big 6

Born with an adventurous soul and an unmatched thirst for knowledge, the Sagittarius child matches the Leo and Aries folks in passion but redirects this fiery energy into wisdom and life experience.

Sagittarius loves to explore in any form possible and is not keen on limitations or absurd rules. They find honesty a virtue, believing that lies or omitting truths only hinder the journey of learning and advancing in life. For this reason, they may appear too blunt or know-it-all to more sensitive folks.

Nurturing Sagittarius children involves being their mentor, helping them expand on their curiosities, and teaching them about the wisdom of life. They also love physical activities that lead them to explore or learn: climbing, mountain hiking, and trying out new parks are always activities they seek. Finally, traveling together or watching documentaries as a family can be great activities that nurture their energy.

Secure Sagittarians grow to be explorers and teachers of the world. It is through their adventurous, direct, and passionate nature that they not only entertain others but also bring a lot of wisdom to their peers.

Now that you've read this, it's likely your child has other signs in their Big 6. Subscribe to be notified when the other articles are up, and if you would like to get an in-depth understanding of your child's chart, don't hesitate to book a reading below:



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