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The best way to connect with your child using their Moon sign

Children are the most important part of our society, as they will build our future. The plants we seed within them will grow to massively influence the direction of the world. But in a world that encourages disconnect between parents and children, by forcing parents to go back to work before children feel psychologically safe on their own and by growing on the social media and Internet wagon, we spend less and less time with our kids when they need us the most.

mother and son playing with a teddy in a cosy, warm-lit room

All children need to feel connected, taken care of, and safe within their environment in order for their brains to grow harmoniously and without fear. Psychologists have observed that children whose emotional needs are consistently not being met and who experience negligence or disconnection from their parents grow to be more anxious, and have a higher likelihood of suffering from depression.

Whilst Astrology certainly won't help us fix the world, it can help guide us in the direction of where our children particularly seek connection, especially with the mother/parent who is supposed to fulfil the maternal role. By following through with this advice, along with validating your children's emotions, spending quality time with them and encouraging true connection, you will raise a securely attached and happy child.

Check your child's Moon sign and house placement for a more thorough interpretation:


Moon signs and what they mean:

Moon in Aries

These kids have an emotional desire for independence, passion, and leadership. They love to get their body moving through impulsive actions and physical activities, and they connect with you the most when you are active together.

It's important to avoid restricting them where restrictions are not necessary, as they quickly grow to despise the feeling of being trapped.

Moon in Taurus

Taurus Moons love security and stability as it gives them a sense of emotional comfort. Getting to cook, manage their inventory of toys, create a beautiful environment for themselves and their family as a top activity. Great ways to connect is through cooking, gardening, decorating, cuddling, and cosying up around the home.

Kids with their Moon sign in Taurus dislike abrupt changes in their routine, school or personal space, as their emotional security is anchored in their sense of stability.

Moon in Gemini

Gemini Moon kiddos love to talk. You can connect with them by verbalising your thoughts and teaching them to put their own feelings into words. It's literally stress relieving for a Gemini Moon kid to have someone they can talk to about all of their ideas, and they have plenty! Travelling, running errands together and playing word-related games together is also an amazing way to connect.

Kids with a Gemini Moon feel particularly hurt when people pretend to listen, or worse, they don't listen at all. Their emotional security is connected to their ability to speak their truth into being, so make sure to validate their feelings and to show interest in what they have to say.

Moon in Cancer

Kids with their Moon sign in Cancer are particularly sensitive, as they deeply care about the wellbeing of their family and their friends. Their nurturing abilities stand out in particular, which is why it's important to provide them with a comfort toy, or a pet they can look after. Praise them for their empathic acts, and model the same positive attitude in your relationships at home. The best way to soothe a Cancer Moon is through connection and spending time with the wider family. You can also look at family pictures and talk to them about your ancestry.

They are particularly hurt when people are fighting at home, or those they care for act aggressively.

Moon in Leo

Leo Moon babies love to have fun, to entertain, to showcase all they have within... on the outside! Their ego is connected to their emotional security, so the best way to make them feel nurtured and connected with is to make them feel appreciated for who they are. You can take them to a dancing, acting, or singing class, or set up a mini stage at home where your little one can entertain you.

Kids with this placement are particularly hurt when they are labelled as egocentric or overly criticised. In the absence of appreciation they feel lonely and unloved.

Moon in Virgo

Kids with Moon in Virgo have an emotional need to analyse and help. Their emotional comfort is tied to how good they feel about their work and their ability to keep things in their own subjective order. They love to clean, cook, and run errands with their parents, but also often nurture high standards for themselves and their environment.

Virgo Moon kids can turn become naggy when they are dissatisfied with themselves. As such, avoid criticising them too much and teach them to value themselves when they achieve any type of goal.

Moon in Libra

Kids with Libra Moon have a love for harmony, balance, and beauty. They feel emotionally comfortable when they have someone by their side, a best friend or parent they can do tasks with. This is not to say they don't have the resilience to complete work on their own, but rather that they find comfort in having a peer by their side. Going on "mom-child" or "dad-child" dates is essential, as well as generally doing any sort of activity 1-on-1. They also love creating art and bringing beauty into their space.

As their emotional comfort is tied to how respectful and harmonious their environment is, situations where people are angry at each other followed by disrespect cause inner turmoil into the Libra Moon's soul. It's important to ensure that conflicts at home are resolved respectfully and that the child knows resolving this situation is not their responsibility, as they often blame themselves when fights take place. Taking the place of a mediator is not uncommon for Libra Moon tweens, as they often try to make peace between people to protect their inner peace.

Moon in Scorpio

Children with Moon in Scorpio have a deep internal world, which is why they feel everything at high intensity. They are also very investigative by nature and are naturally interested in the paranormal, doing detective work, diving deep and finding solutions to complicated problems. They also find emotional comfort in truthful, deep connections with the mother. The safety, wellbeing, and true connection in the relationship with the mother tends to be a great concern for the Scorpio Moon child. Thus, it's important to treat interactions with your Scorpio Moon kid with passion, to hold them closely, and never abuse the power you have over them, as fear from you can hurt them deeply.

They can also find comfort in watching documentaries, playing immersive games, or diving into a passion of theirs with all their heart.

Moon in Sagittarius

Children with Moon in Sagittarius are huge explorers, curious about their environment and with a great taste for adventure. They find comfort in studying and learning, as well as trying new things. It's always a plus if the mother also takes part in this learning journey, as they feel emotionally comforted when they have a teacher by their side to guide them in life.

As the mother often embodies the role of a mentor, the child may get hurt when they are deprived of opportunities to learn, or when the mother is unsupportive of their curiosity-powered activities.

Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn Moon kids' emotional world is tied to their serious nature. They have a strong desire to be successful, leaders, and authoritative even since they're little. For this reason, they find comfort in completing tasks and they thrive when they are given a responsibility they can show their authority over.

However, it's important to teach them about the importance of self-nurturance to avoid them over-focusing on what needs to be done. Even though they seem more serious and not so clingy, they still need emotional connection and to be taken care of.

Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius Moon kids are unconventional and different since birth. They have an emotional desire to be understood, heard, but more importantly for everyone and everything around them to be protected. For example, they may take an interest in looking after small insects or animals, as in their perspective they are too small and need protection from the outside world. They often feel like outcasts due to their quirky and unconventional nature, so they will try their best to make others feel heard and understood.

The best way to nurture the Aquarius Moon child is to take an interest in what they think and what they have to say. You can also get them involved in group activities, do something techy/mechanical together, or even play make-imagine.

Moon in Pisces

Kids with Pisces Moons are deeply sensitive and psychic. They have a high amount of empathy for those they love, including their animals and toys. The wellbeing of their mother is a great concern for them and, similar to Scorpio Moon babies, they need to know it's not their responsibility to nurture the mom. Their sensitivity is best channeled through creative activities like drawing or music. They can also feel comforted when they practice meditation, take walks in nature or create something on their own.

Avoid scolding them when they cry, as this may turn their sensitive sensors off but create a lot of emotional stress if they don't learn to accept their sensitivity as a gift.


Moon houses and what they mean:

Moon in the 1st House

These kids often show their emotions within their aura and have an intuitive approach to life. They release stress by doing physical activities and showing their emotional & nurturing side unconditionally.

Moon in the 2nd House

Kids with Moon in the 2nd House can find comfort in building their own sense of stability and security. Give them a weekly allowance that they can save up, as having their own money/savings can feel calming.

Moon in the 3rd House

Kids with Moon in the 3rd House release stress through speaking, writing, and learning something new. They love mental stimulation and often feel calm when their wheels are spinning. They also have a maternal attitude towards their siblings and other extended family members.

Moon in the 4th House

Kids with Moon in the 4th House find comforting in spending time at home, with family, and especially with the mother. They release stress more easily when they feel emotional support and connection from parents.

Moon in the 5th House

Kids with Moon in the 5th House release stress by dancing, singing, acting, or simply putting on a show. The act of creation and play immediately takes them out of their fears and even makes them feel instantly good.

Moon in the 6th House

6th House Moon-ers are not here to mess around. These kids care about their routine, the quality of their work, so they find emotional comfort in being... helpful and organised! You can connect through cooking, cleaning together and getting the home organised.

Moon in the 7th House

These kids have an emotional desire for partnership and 1-on-1 connection. They release stress when they have a friend or a parent by their side they can do things with.

Moon in the 8th House

Kids with an 8th House Moon feel very deeply and intensely. They are very protective of their mothers as any hurt the mother feels is personally hurting them too. They find comfort in investigative activities, or from activities where they are in a position of power, such as the book money collector of the classroom.

Moon in the 9th House

These kids find comfort in travelling, studying, and discussing philosophies with the mother. There is a never-ending passion for discovering new places and growing through adventurous experiences.

Moon in the 10th House

Kids with the Moon in the 10th House either feel the mother is working a lot, or that the mother has an authoritative role in their lives. They often find comfort in being authoritative themselves, getting to experience success and high status. Rewarding them with recognition is the best way to nurture your connection. Giving them a responsibility or something to have authority over can also nurture their confidence.

Moon in the 11th House

Kids with Moon in the 11th House find comfort in being around friends, networking, forming social connections with whom they can share their ideas and work collaboratively towards a goal. Taking them to any activity that involves group work would benefit their mental health lots.

Moon in the 12th House

Kids with 12th House Moons are more lonely by nature, as they self-soothe when they are by themselves. They may enjoy locking themselves in a room, or taking walks in woods, close to nature. Don't take this personally though - they still want and need your love and care, but they may be more introverted about showing it. They are deeply sensitive and intuitive souls who may choose to hide their caring side because it's more foreign to their souls.


What is your child's Moon placement and how do you best connect with them? Let us know! And if you'd like to book an in-depth reading for your child, check our service below:



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