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The connection between Children's Psychology and Astrology

Children are mini-humans whose personality, cognitive abilities, and character are developing over many years. The birth chart thus won't play out in the same way as in the case of adults, as the physical tools of children are not fully developed to help them navigate life through the same lens. Here is a dive into how their birth chart correlates with the development of their brain and how care givers can use their chart to their advantage!

a child's head formed of puzzle pieces. In the background there is an astrology chart and a gray gradient

Children's Astrology charts have a unique take

At birth, they only have their instincts and desire for connection ruling their behaviour. This is when they ask to be held, have random fusses but are also the most dependent on their nurturers to care for them!

Once they become toddlers, they have big emotions and desires as they start to discover the world. They keep on learning about the world, and how to regulate their emotions and desires whilst following the structure and rules that society defines for them. This continues as they approach the age of 5-7 years old, when their cognitive abilities to communicate, learn and memorise information are improving significantly. At the same time, their ego is fully developed. Until the age of 18, most of their brain development has taken place, but they will continue to learn as young adults until the age of approx. 27 years, when the brain finishes its developmental growth.

I have researched existing books on children's Astrology and using my own work with my customers, and came up with some correlations for these stages and the Astrology placements that reflect them! Below are the birth chart placements and how they come up in a child’s chart, and the stage at which they become most active:

1. Ascendant (since birth)

The Ascendant represents the instincts of a baby, how they approach life, how they analyse their environment, and how they respond to external stimuli. The chart ruler may provide additional information on a baby’s instincts.

For example, a baby with Ascendant in Libra will be very smiley, charismatic and giggly, whilst a baby with a Scorpio Ascendant will be very analytical and aware of their surroundings and will cry when held by someone who they feel suspicious towards.

a giggly and smiley toddler dressed in a white dress with blue and pink. They sit on what seems to be a picnic spot

2. Moon (since birth, but becomes stronger after the age of 1)

At 18-24 months, the now toddler is separating their identity from that of their mother, and they realise they have big feelings, emotions, and needs to be met. As they continuously seek connection and nurturance from their mother, the Moon is the best sign as to how they can connect.

The house and zodiac sign of the Moon can show activities that the mom and child can bond over. The zodiac sign of the Moon can show the overall vibe of the toddler’s internal world and how this may be externalised at toddler age. As the child grows closer to the age of 5-7, the Moon becomes more of an internal energy. If a child has tantrums consistently, connecting in the manner of their Moon sign is the key to calming them. For example, a child with Moon in Aries may have repetitive tantrums due to a feeling of being imprisoned, not independent enough, or not physically active enough. Get them to shake off the sadness, run a mini marathon around the home, or blow some steam with a quick game!

A mother and child dressed in orange. The toddler eats and smiles and the mother watched them contently whilst holding them in her lap

3. Sun (visible since 1 y.o., but gets stronger at 5-7)

At 5-7 years old the ego is fully developed, as the child’s brain reaches a new level of maturity. It unlocks new cognitive abilities to rationalise, memorise, and define their own goals and aspirations. They also become more aware of ego needs: to be powerful, seen, to be recognised by others, to have qualitative material possessions etc.

The Sun represents the child’s overall personality coming from the ego. It shows, similarly to an adult, what kind of activities fuel them with confidence! It’s very important for parents to provide them with activities and recognition around their Sun’s house and zodiac sign to ensure the child has a sense of happiness and confidence in themselves.

For example, a child with Sun in Aquarius and the 6th House should be allowed to help, as they may like to research more unconventional solutions to cook, clean, or improve the family’s wellbeing. Aquarians also thrive in social groups, networking, innovating, or simply using technology to discover new, unconventional things.

4. Mercury (visible since speaking age, fully comes online at the age of 5-7 years old)

Around the time that kids start going to school, the planet Mercury becomes more active in their lives. Mercury will show how a child communicates with others, as well as how they accumulate new information – aka, how they study.

a school aged boy studying at his desk

5. Venus (visible since toddler age)

Venus will show how a child shares their love with others, as well as what they love the most. For example, children with Venus in Leo love by entertaining others, whilst children with Venus in Cancer, are very nurturing towards pets, friends, or dolls, and they have a big love for family.

6. Mars (visible since toddler age)

Mars will show how a child acts when they want to get something, but also what they assertion/aggression level is like. Usually, tantrums come when the Moon placement is dissatisfied, and the anger is shown in the manner described by their Mars placement.


This article only scrapes the surface of the complex topic of children's astrology and brain development - if you'd like to take a deeper dive into your child's particular chart, you can check out our Child Birth Chart Reading service below.

Written by: Lorena Mitoi




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