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The role of Astrology in Human Life

“Why did you become an Astrologer?” is a question I often receive from people who have known me for years and would have never expected I came down this professional path. It is true, in a world where media portrays Astrology through misconceptions and pop culturalization, it’s difficult to look at someone with a scientific background and understand the sudden “infatuation” with the stars. However, it is exactly the mystery behind this craft and its applicability in life sciences that has captivated and pushed me to study and understand it in its truest form.

stars and planets in the sky above the mountains

I have spent the past 3 years working with over 1.500 customers all around the world, navigating their birth charts and finding the appropriate advice for their life. By following a combination of modern Astrology, traditional Astrology techniques, as well as common sense and knowledge of the human world, it is incredible how many times we were able to find life advice that “felt right” and “validating” in the eyes of my customers. It all started as an experiment, when I was curious to apply definitions found in April Elliott Kent’s book on Practical Astrology and to form interpretations for my family and friends. After getting accustomed to the interpretation style and forming an analytical muscle, I became fascinated with the idea of discovering people’s unique energy imprints, and quickly built my portfolio of experience. I have discovered that the advice I gave “worked”, meaning my customers left happier, more understood, and had clarity for the challenges and talents they noticed in their own lives. So that got me thinking… how and why does this work? What is the purpose behind Astrology? What is the purpose behind human life actually?

As I’ve reflected on this question for years now, I chose to write this article to conceptualise my findings and beliefs up until this point. It may be the case my beliefs will change in a few years, although I doubt the sentiment behind this article will take an abrupt turn. As you read this, I invite you to approach these concepts with an open mind, and then check them against your own life experiences – after all, the purpose of this article is to give a new perspective on what life is, but most importantly, what it can become.

The Purpose of Human Life

Before we get into Astrology, I first want to theorise on the mere reason of our existence. Of course, there are many theories out there and it would be futile to argue that mine is special. However, it is what I truly believe because of the spiritual work I have done, and you may find that it is an overlap of many other religious beliefs out there too.

In simple terms, we live because we have a soul that wants to gain experience. Your soul has and will have lived multiple lifetimes, and the purpose of each and one of them is to learn certain skills. There’s plenty of such “skills” that need to be learned, but here are a few examples: knowing how to lead and be assertive, the skill of building security and stability, the skill of socialising and connecting with others etc.

In each of these lifetimes, you have a specific list of lessons and skills that you are here to act on or master. You either successfully learn these skills, or you accumulate negative “karma”. What this looks like is a failure to obtain the required lessons, or a tendency to learn the skills in a negative way (we will talk about the positive versus negative learnings of these skills later).

Furthermore, there is a secondary purpose for which some humans come to live on Earth – the experience of learning from each other and helping each other on their path. Some souls are not here to just work on their individual purpose, but they feel called to uplift others and guide them in their own path. These are the mothers of children, teachers, therapists, spiritual and religious coaches, and any other souls who have an intuitive and genuine care for those around them. In spiritual terms, they are also called “light workers”.

The Birth Chart – or the Life Contract

I like to call the birth chart a life contract, because it reflects a predisposition of energies and interests in a persons’ life, who follows its placements with unconscious subordination. Interestingly, every single person I have ever met has shown a natural interest in what their chart named, even if they knew or never seen their chart before.

From my reflective work and observations, I have found that we are unconsciously programmed to follow around the birth chart’s influences seeking to gain experiences in the areas shown by it, in order to fulfil the soul’s desire for growth.

The Birth Chart is structured like a wheel, and it is divided in 12 sector-like areas called the “Houses”. Each house will reflect the areas of life where the “contract” says you have work to do. This doesn’t inherently mean your soul doesn’t have experience in that “skill”, but rather that the skill either should be learned, perfected, balanced, or is used as an instrument in the path of growing in other areas. In short, the houses of the birth chart show where, for one reason or the other, your soul wants you to engage in those skills.

The ”skills” outlined by the 12 houses are:

  • 1st House – being assertive, independent, leading, and standing out as an individual.

  • 2nd House – building stability, security, managing possessions, self-worth work.

  • 3rd House – being curious, connecting with others, writing, travelling, being part of a community.

  • 4th House – having and nurturing a home, a family, honouring own’s roots.

  • 5th House – being creative, childish, romantic, youthful. Performing, entertaining, and connecting with children.

  • 6th House – being analytical, practical, and of service. Caring for the mundane and physical world.

  • 7th House – being part of a partnership, knowing how to work and honour someone by your side.

  • 8th House – managing shared resources, being vulnerable, intimate, and open to the unknown transformative process of life.

  • 9th House – the skill of wisdom, learning and teaching higher concepts.

  • 10th House – being an authority figure, recognised professionally, leaving a mark in the world (also known as professional success).

  • 11th House – contributing to a community, being open to network and connect with like-minded individuals.

  • 12th House – tending to the unseen, psychological, spiritual world.

12 house sectors with explanations for each house's meaning

The houses you have planets in, as such, will show the skills you are here to act upon.

The other components of the birth chart, namely the planets and the zodiac signs will pair up and place themselves in each of the 12 houses of the birth chart. The planets will reflect aspects of a person’s life and personality, and the zodiac signs will show archetypical energies which describe the way the planets behave.

That being said, the planets (aspects of your personality and life) will fall in certain zodiac signs (archetypes of behaviour and interests) and will populate some of the 12 houses, showing where you have signed up to gain or exercise your experience in life.

For example, if you have Mercury in Aquarius and in the 10th House, your soul has the following contract agreement:

Your communication style and intellectual capabilities (Mercury) will be particularly innovative, interested in matters of technology, science, and with a knack for thinking differently from the common folk (Aquarius). You will use this personality trait in your career, to leave a mark on the world, or as an authority figure (10th House).

And as someone with this birth placement, you will look for opportunities to study science, or research unconventional topics since youth. You may even research ways to use your voice and ideas most effectively to be professionally successful – all of this without knowing consciously about your birth chart. But given this is part of your soul contract and given you listen to your instincts and what lights you up, you will naturally do this.

How life ends up being lived – The Art of Free Will

We talk a lot about how the birth chart reflects what will eventually happen in our lifetimes, but rarely do I see people mention the limitations of Astrology. Of course, there are varying degrees to the belief that Astrology is tightly interconnected to all human affairs – but it is easy to deconstruct the idea that we are fully controlled by the stars.

Think of all the time we make decisions which lead us in various situations. And think of twins who were born at the same time but end up behaving differently. Despite having almost the same chart, their life, partners and even careers can be so different. Lifestyle choices lead to a certain routine and lifestyle, where every daily decision leads to a cumulative effect in time. People who eat healthily tend to be healthier, people who act out of integrity tend to have more authentic relationships, and so on.

Whilst the chart will show general interests, talents or challenges you may have, it is your choice and your environment that lead you to manifest the negative or positive potential of your chart. 

It even is your choice to engage in areas of life that are not outlined by your soul contract! Many women have children, even though their 5th House is empty… or think of those who work hard to grow in their corporate role, even though their 6th and 10th House are empty. Gosh, even I work on social media, and I have empty 11th and 3rd Houses! But we always have the choice to engage in anything, and ultimately, we are not limited in this realm of infinite possibilities. Life is meant to be an experiment, where we continuously dance around our soul’s contract, our birth chart, with the tools given to us by our environment and the choices we make.

However, there are two important “rules” to introduce here, that is very relevant to the successful completion of the soul contract:

  1. Within the choices that we make in life, it’s important to accumulate positive experiences (positive karma). For example, if you learn the skill of forming security and stability, it’s important to do so ethically, with integrity, and respectfully, instead of stealing or manipulating others. Whether the gained experience is gained or not may be subjective if you look at social, religious, and moral beliefs, but I will introduce a straightforward way to differentiate the two in the next section.

  2. Whilst we have free will, it’s important to focus more on what we came here to do, rather than allowing society to influence our decisions too much. If your purpose involves travelling, teaching, and learning and marriage is not a must, but your culture forces you to marry and give up your dreams to serve your traditions it will do you more bad than good.

The Vibration Levels

Now that we have established the birth chart doesn't fully show who you are as a person, what is an important factor that does affect you to become who you are? And how do we define the positive and negative experiences of life? What are the characteristics of people that lead us to think they are good or bad?

To answer these questions, I will introduce Abraham Hicks’ theory of vibration and Law of Attraction. According to them, the polarity of every single choice we make is reflected by the vibration we hold at the time of making the decision. There are 22 vibrations levels (see below), where the most negative ones are Fear, Insecurity, Jealousy, and the most positive ones are Passion and Joy. Whenever we feel enthusiasm for example, we will make decisions that will attract more opportunities to be enthusiastic. On the contrary, when we are in a lower vibrational space, actions taken within that space will further push us down this negative experience slump.

the vibration levels listed, from high to low

Of course, the vibration level is not constant, but rather varies around a default value for each person. Throughout a day, a person that lives in a compatible and positive community, where they encounter less stress and have a positive attitude to life can experience Hopefulness and Optimism as a baseline energy, and their vibration can vary throughout the day. And on the contrary, a person going through grief, divorce, loss, or lives in a toxic environment will be pushed to a lower vibrational energy as a baseline.

Furthermore, there are inflexions throughout the day – you can be generally around Contentment-Hopefulness, but if a co-worker sends you a text accusing you of unfair actions, you will temporarily feel your energy lower as a response.

The teachings of Abraham Hicks mention the importance of avoiding taking action when upset, and to focus instead on re-stabilizing the vibration level to ensure better outcomes. For instance, instead of responding to the co-worker immediately, you should take a break, journal, let off the steam and self-validate. These actions will slowly raise your vibration back up, where actions will have a better result. On the contrary, responding in the moment will naturally attract more conflict, more blame and discouragement, which will perpetuate the negative experience.

Positive and Negative Karma and the Vibration levels

What I have found is that it is futile to make assumptions about a person’s character using their chart – the birth chart cannot show you such information. It can only show what a person will act like in evolved form, or unevolved form. Every planetary placement can come up in a positive or negative form, depending on the person’s character and choices. (For this reason, I cringe when I hear pop culture speaking of Scorpios being deceptive or Leos being overbearing. The unevolved ones are, yes, but they may not show these traits out of choice and self-work).

Whether a person accumulates good or bad karma depends on whether they are in a general high vibrational state when acting out on their chart placement. Note that I’m not mentioning a person is good or bad, as these qualities can be subjective depending on culture. However, when it comes to the Universe’s measuring of karma, actions primarily taken from a high vibrational state will bring positive effects and growth for your soul, whilst actions taken from a low vibration space will bring negative experiences and karma. So, for example, take a person with Mercury conjunct Pluto. When in higher vibration, they will feel guided to use this placement to investigate, find solutions by diving deep, getting immersed into their research space and bring transformative solutions to the world. On the contrary, an unevolved native with this placement can act in a controlling, domineering, even in a manipulative way. As a second example, an evolved Cancer Sun will nurture others and empower them emotionally, whilst a native living in lower vibrational spaces will use emotional manipulation to express their insecurity or anger. Both can be attributed to the same person given the chart placement, but the vibration they are at and the self-control to not act when in low vibrations can make the difference.

However, it is not always a person’s fault they live in a low vibration space. It could be their environment – being raised in a toxic environment, living in a country at war where people consistently have to life in fear and grief, are some examples. It is very difficult and most probably false to say a person has accumulated negative karma because they have lived in such a place. However, it is the shift towards more positive experiences and the individual desire to rise that are a reflection of growth and soul experience.

The true role of Astrology - Connecting it all

To conclude, the theory I use when working with Astrology involves an overlap of reincarnation theory, Abraham Hicks’ teachings of vibration, and the common knowledge in Western Astrology. The true role of Astrology is given by the Birth Chart, which will show the soul’s life contract, what it has come here to do, learn, either because the soul wants experience in that field, or because those skills will prove helpful in achieving other goals (such as helping others in their own missions).

The manifestation of the birth chart depends mostly on a person’s decisions, which directly connect to their vibration levels (the average vibration and oscillating vibration throughout the day), which is why some people with similar placements can have different life turnarounds. However, whether it is in positive or negative form, the native will always feel unconsciously connected to the birth chart and seek to fulfil its energy through daily actions and interactions with the world around them.

Ultimately, the key to spiritual success is shown in these steps:

  1. Know your soul contract by understanding your Birth chart,

  2. Identify what vibration level you tend to be at,

  3. Identify where your environment drags you down and how you can move to living in more positive vibrations,

  4. Act on your birth chart’s interests without fear or shame of external judgement.

If you'd like to fulfil the first step, join me in the journey of understanding your life contract through your birth chart - readings are delivered in written or video form within 5 days, or through a Zoom meeting.

And to work on your vibration levels, I recommend the Vibration Journal below - it can help you reflect on your current challenges and raise your vibration accordingly :)

High Vibes Journal
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