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The Tortured Poets Department: Analyzing Taylor Swift's Album Release Day Transits

At this year's Grammy Awards, Taylor Swift made waves by winning her 14th award and stunning the audience with the announcement of her forthcoming album scheduled for release on April 19th. 

Featuring tracks like "I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can)" and "My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys," this album offers insights into the emotional journey it promises to take its audience on. 

But what does the release day reveal about The Tortured Poets Department, and how will it impact Taylor Swift's career and personal life? Astrology allows us to delve into Swift's album release day transits, providing answers to these questions!

Taylor Swift’s birth chart analysis provides insight into the superstar's creative process and remarkable achievements. Today, we'll explore the specific transits on April 19th to understand the energies surrounding Swift's album release and how these transits impact her birth chart.

Taylor Swift

April 19th Transits


Since the exact release time of the album is unknown, the transit chart was produced for 12:00 PM, EST.

On April 19th we can see a beautiful conjunction between Venus, Mercury, and the North Node, all stationed in the assertive sign of Aries. Although a conjunction between Mercury, governing communication, and Venus, symbolizing beauty, typically fosters interpersonal connections, leading to smoother and more pleasant communication, it's important to note that Mercury goes retrograde on April 1st. This might introduce challenges with communication and technology, potentially resulting in behind-the-scenes technical issues for Swift during her album release. April 19th is also in the mists of Eclipse season, a period where many notable and successful events may unfold.

Regarding the Venus conjunction with the North Node, there's an opportunity for success in endeavors governed by Venus, including singing, music, entertainment, and the arts, making it a great day for an album release. Moreover, the conjunction of Mercury with the North Node suggests that writing, communication, learning, and/or teaching will play crucial roles in guiding Swift along her life path.

On the 19th of April, the Virgo Moon will be opposing Saturn and Mars which further emphasizes the possibility of obstacles or issues with the release which can lead to some anger or disappointment in response. Nevertheless, this could also usher in an atmosphere of being rewarded provided that Swift and her team have diligently and adequately prepared all aspects of the album release in advance.

However, there's a conjunction occurring between Jupiter, symbolizing expansion, and Uranus, representing uniqueness, both situated in Taurus. This aspect can signify the presence of shocking yet positive events. Hence, Swift's album may be perceived as ground-breaking and distinctive in a positive light.

April 19th transits x Taylor Swift’s Birth Chart

taylor swift transits

Now let’s look at how the album release on April 19th may affect Taylor Swift. While there are two different Birth Chart variants for Taylor Swift, another one depicting her as a Scorpio Rising, we lean towards the depiction of her as a Capricorn Rising, which we believe aligns more closely with reality.

On April 19th, Taylor Swift's 3rd House of Communication will become active, as the transiting Sun, Mercury, Chiron, and the North Node gather in this area. This alignment suggests an auspicious day for productivity and expressing one's thoughts to others, particularly positive for Swift, who channels this expression through her music.

As Saturn and Mars transit her 2nd House of Finances, on April 19th, Swift will be diligently striving to enhance her financial stability, aiming for even greater success than she currently enjoys.

Interestingly, on April 19th, the transiting Moon will be making a beautiful Trine with her Saturn, Ascendant, Mercury, and Neptune. Let’s look at these aspects one by one. 

  • Transiting Moon forming a Trine with her Ascendant: This aspect feels like a gentle push on her back towards achieving her core goals and visions. She may feel extra optimistic and energized, while her intuition and emotions will also be heightened. 

  • Transiting Moon forming a Trine with her Saturn: This aspect will give her more resilience and the ability to have good emotional reactions during moments of stress. Making constructive changes will come easier for Swift that day, as she embraces growth which will ultimately bring empowerment over any potential issues. 

  • Transiting Moon forming a trine with Mercury: This transit will help her see everything more clearly, while also making it a positive day for self-reflection and communicating better with those around her. 

  • Transiting Moon forming a trine with her Neptune: Taylor Swift’s creativity and imagination are undeniable, and with this aspect between transiting Moon and her natal Neptune, she will notice a boost in her intuition and imagination.

Finally, it's notable that transiting Pluto will be in conjunction with her natal Venus. This alignment indicates a phase of significant transformation in areas concerning love, relationships, personal values, and aesthetics. During this transit, Swift may be more aware of the power of her emotions and the transformative essence of love, aligning well with the thematic energy surrounding the release of her album, The Tortured Poets Department.

In conclusion, while there may be some turmoil or technical issues during the release of her album, ultimately, Taylor Swift’s emotional journey, love life and imagination will be fully on display on April 19th, giving her audience the authenticity they always loved about her.

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