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Do you have a situation in your life you'd like to dive into and are looking for spiritual advice?


In this session, we dive into your birth chart, transits and any other relevant charts to help you through your situation. There is also communication with your spirit team involved, to ensure you get the answers that you need.


30-min session: choose this if you need guidance on one topics.

1-hour session: appropriate for multiple topics.


The session will take place on Zoom, and the general availability ranges between Monday to Friday, 9am - 7pm GMT (London) time.


This service is fulfilled by Lorena.




I will reach out through Email to set up a time that is convenient for you! You will then receive the Zoom link with the invitation.




This service is intended for entertainment purposes only. Don't hesitate to get in touch with a therapist if you are struggling or need help.

All of my services are intended for those aged 18+, unless acquired by a parent/legal tutor.

Astrology and Psychic Coaching Session