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What lives have you lived and how do they influence your current one? In this reading, we go through the journey of your soul where we discover your past life gifts, talents, but also karmic lessons that are leftover to be achieved. It includes channeling your guides for information on these lifetimes, along with Astrology interpretations of your chart.


You will receive a 1-hour video reading and a PDF file with the years you have lived 10 significant events in your past lives. The years are calculated using Firicel Ciarnau's research.


This service is fulfilled by Lorena.



The reading will be delivered to your email via a WeTransfer link within 5 business days. Make sure to check your spam folder as the email may be filtered out of your primary inbox! If you do not receive the reading within 5 business days, feel free to reach out at


We store all readings in local storage for 30 days after delivery. During this time, we can resend the files as many times as possible. To protect your privacy, we remove your data and won't be able to resent. Make sure you store your files in a safe space and have a backup too :)


[For Gifts]

We can send the reading as an email to your person to make it a surprise :) Let us know their email if you'd like to do this!



This service is intended for entertainment purposes only. Don't hesitate to get in touch with a therapist if you are struggling or need help.

All of our services are intended for those aged 18+, unless acquired by a parent/legal tutor.

Karmic Astrology Reading | In-depth video analysis & Past life dates