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We help YOU understand YOUR potential

Ever wondered why you are here? What you came here to learn and experience? What you are best at?

We help you understand your potential from an empathic and encouraging perspective.

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The only Astrology reading you will ever need.

Learn about your personality, life direction, potential, healing work, and more!


Astrologer Writing Natal Chart

If you are feeling “stuck” trying to figure out your identity or purpose in the world, you need to get a reading from Lorena! This reading was so empowering and confirmed the work I need to do in life to serve my higher purpose. Lorena is so knowledgeable and intuitive and inspired me to confidently clarify and expand my goals. It was also really fun to watch! Lorena has the best energy about her. I’ve shared my reading with my sisters and they all want one too! This is the first reading I’ve ever had and it exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much, Lorena!



Your chart is a snapshot of the planets at the moment of your birth, as seen from your place of birth.

Here's what they can tell you:

1.Your gifts

It can show what you are good at and where your need to channel your energy to succeed in life. 

The ideal career and source of money is also seen here.

2.Why you are here

Everyone has a personal soul purpose. You may be here because you need to learn empathy. Or to experience social recognition. Or to open up to spirituality! 

What's your soul purpose? I can help you find out.

3.Your healing work

We all have a wound or shadow that we have come here to address. Whilst the challenges you encounter in life are a generally good indicator of your wounds, the chart can help clarify how and what you are healing.

4.Where you stress too much

There is an area of life you tend to overstress about. What is it? And why are you stressing about it? Your natal chart can show this.

5.Your social life

Every person needs something different from their friends. What energy do you value most in your connections and what kind of people best support you on your journey?

6.How you feel, think, and act

Your natal chart shows how you think, what gives you drive, how you handle conflict, and what you need in order to feel comfortable.

and there is so much more...

Want to become an Astrologer?

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