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Are you wondering about your compatibility with a person in your life? Or do you want to start a project with someone and are wondering how well you'd work together? This reading can be done for:

- Business partnerships

- Parent - child/ family member relationships

- Friends


This report goes in depth into your Astrology to pinpoint your compatibility points, as well as advice for your connection to thrive.


This service is personally written by a member of the Astro Lorena team. There is no copy pasting from online sources, as we take deep care to personally interpret your chart as a whole. The report is a minimum of 15 pages, the length may vary depending on the complexity of your charts. If you have follow-up questions after the reading is completed, you can send it back to us! You can always have peace of mind that you will receive clarity in every place you seek and where our expertise can help.




Analysis of your personality and life compatibility. This report looks at your independent charts and synastry chart. 




If this reading is purchased by only one of you, it is essential you have their consent to have their chart looked at. Compatibility involving children is done only between them and a parent/legal guardian.



The reading will be delivered to your email within 5-7 business days. Make sure to check your spam folder as the email may be filtered out of your primary inbox! If you do not receive the reading within 7 business days, feel free to reach out at


[For Gifts]

We can send the reading as an email to your person to make it a surprise :) Let us know their email if you'd like to do this!



This service is intended for entertainment purposes only. Don't hesitate to get in touch with a therapist if you are struggling or need help.

All of our services are intended for those aged 18+, unless acquired by a parent/legal tutor.

Platonic Relationship Reading | In-depth written report